Lock And Key Tattoos For Couples

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Lock And Key Tattoo Ideas For Couples

This is the kind of Tattoo you usually get with a partner or a best friend. A lock and key Tattoo signify that they are the solution to most of your problems or they help find the solutions to your problems. The love and key Tattoo here is something you had to get with your romantic partner. One can get the love, and one can get the key.

The lock tattoo is of a heart-shaped lock that has a thick pink border inside the lock. The rest of the lock is black. The key Tattoo that the other partner can get is a big key. It is a pretty one with three circles at the top of the key added for decoration. The key is designed in a way that if it were an actual key and lock, they would fit together. It is black in color and has shades of grey used to highlight shadows.

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Lock And Key Tattoo Ideas For Couples