Literally The Best 65 Skull Tattoos In History

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Skull tattoos…  There is this deep connection we have with death, one most of us don’t understand. It fascinates us, whilst being the one thing that truly scares us. Skull tattoos are a way of showing that you have accepted your mortality, and that you try to live each day at it’s fullest.

There are any amount of reasons to get a skull tattoo. Take bikers for example, they often get skull tattoos because they represent their dangerous lifestyle. People who have lost someone dear to them might decide to get a skull tattoo. Someone who has had a close encounter with the Reaper himself is also likely to get a skull tattoo. Or maybe you want to show the beauty there is in death? That in death there is life.

Either way, skull tattoos are right up there with the oldest and most popular tattoos worldwide, and here are the most amazing ones done so far. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This gorgeous floral skull tattoo.


(photo by Daniel Bacz)

2. This geometric arrow and skull tattoo.


(photo by Dr. Woo)

3. This pretty rose and skull tattoo.


(photo by LCjunior)

4. This lethal lady tattoo.


(photo by Niki23gtr)

5. This damned pirate skull tattoo.


(photo by Chris Primm)

6. This bloodthirsty Viking skull tattoo.


(photo by Fredao Oliveira)

7. This geometric moon and skull tattoo.


(photo by Marla Moon)

8. This fantastic abstract skull tattoo.


(photo unknown )

9. This brilliant rabbit skull tattoo.


(photo by Izzet Abatlevi)

10. This captivating skull tattoo.


(photo by Thomas Bates)