Lists of Apps Proven Progressive in the Present Time

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In the spiteful moment such as COVID-19, many people have suffered conditions that no one can ever imagine. Some people are locked down, losing their houses, losing their jobs, and some even lost their loved ones without even coming to their expectations. Even so, humanity bounces back and keeps fighting and people strive to maintain their work as lowkey as possible so that they will not have to go bankrupt because of the outbreak. Fortunately, people are accompanied by the development of technological improvement and keep surviving thanks to it.

Thanks to COVID-19, we are forced to work mostly at home and do other errands the same way. We can still earn money by not going out from home by work from home or playing agen judi slot to earn some extra money. Communication is bollocks at the time. Now, things are different. Due to technology, communication with colleagues, co-workers, and CEO has been intact to keep the social relationship unbroken. In executing those communications, several apps have come to rise to support humanity’s needs for surviving their communication and lives.

Even before the pandemic of COVID-19, the zoom has been around for quite some time. It is mostly used for business purposes in terms of group chatting, and conference. In the present time, zoom has become the most downloaded apps in the app store with 500 millions donwloads across the globe. Many people adore this app as it allows the user the share their screen so that it will be visible to other participants. As of right now, the zoom has been used for multiple purposes such as classroom activity, university meetings, international seminars, and many more.

  • Houseparty

Like zoom, houseparty is another fun app to play within this hard time. Through this app, you will be able to play fun games along with your friends and others who have social media accounts. Houseparty is more user-friendly than its predecessors – zoom- which is more of a technical wise of apps. All you need to do to get started on the app is by creating an account and begin inviting your friends so that all of you can play the game to your fullest desire.

  • Quiz up

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it is easy to let ourselves bored as we spend most of our time inside our house. If it is not too much for you, you can ask your friends to download Quiz Up to play a quiz that will test your knowledge on many layers of questions that will prove you capable or incapable. The questions asked on this app might range from general knowledge or fun fact regarding the occurrences of the world’s happening. This game is quite fun to play as you can insult one of your friends in a funny way that will bring happiness to your friends’ circle.

  • Words with Friends 2

If you have a strong sense of vocabulary and good with languages, this game might be your cup of tea to play with. Having said that, you must play this game with your friends as you will feel the competitiveness coming out of the game. In this game, you will have to arrange words with the square that you are given containing alphabets to make the words. Depending on the number of each alphabet and each square on the board, you can get a double or triple score that will ensure your victory. So, make sure to spend your time playing this game as it increases your knowledge.

  • Tiktok

Perhaps the most downloaded apps of all time are Tiktok. This app has taken its user’s heart and people love it. In Tiktok, you can view a lot of content with different genres. It is mostly videos with some modification on its content. It is usually shorter, and you can swipe to see a lot of content is uploaded within a matter of seconds. Nowadays, many companies have taken an advantage of this app for digital marketing purposes so that they will have brand engagement towards the customers. Some people use the app to post job vacancies.

  • Microsoft Teams

If you prefer a more delicate and sophisticated version of zoom, Microsoft teams can be your optional choice. The benefit of this app is not so different than other conference apps. You can make a video call, group chat, and share screen. The selling point of this app is the UI and UX which gives you comfort and an elegant feeling of using it when it is popped up on your desktop.

  • Instagram

The most running app that has been used so many times and keeps rising until now is without questions, Instagram. As you are mostly at your house, you will spend the better part of your time playing your phone scrolling information in explore on Instagram. Not only it will enable you to see other posts but you can also host a live feed, create IGTV for informative or recreational purposes. Furthermore, you can also buy and sell products up to your liking in the recently updated version of Instagram.

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