The Most Flavorful Pizzas in 2020

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Flavorful Pizzas

When you order a pizza, you may turn to some tried and true favorites. Sometimes, however, you want to get something a little different. Perhaps you want to find a pizza that is especially flavorful and fun. Below are some suggestions for the most flavorful pizzas in 2020. Better yet, many of them you can pick up with some of the cheapest pizza specials around.

Garlic Parmesan Crust

The traditional way to add flavor to a pizza is with toppings. Perhaps you find the perfect sauce or the right cheese blend. However, many people forget about the crust. The dough is such a huge portion of each slice, you should really be more focused on finding an amazing crust if you want a flavorful pizza.

Certainly, some pizza restaurants have their traditional crust recipes that are unique and interesting. However, sometimes the best way to get a tastier treat is with flavored crust pizza. In particular, garlic parmesan adds an amazing extra layer of flavor to your pizza. Better yet, you can order it with your favorite toppings. In short, it is a simple way to make your pizza even better.

Garden Fresh Pizza

If you want to enjoy a relatively healthy but still delicious pizza, consider garden fresh. You may be surprised to learn that pizza can be part of a balanced diet. The key is to find the right toppings. It is probably less of a surprise that the healthiest toppings are veggies.

A nice fresh flavor can be the perfect way to make your meal. Give this delicious delight a try the next time you want to order pizza.

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Pizza Sandwiches

When it is time to get a little more experimental, consider Papa John’s new pizza sandwich, the Papadia. You may wonder if this is just a calzone or stromboli. But, no, it is something different. The only way to truly understand what this pizza sandwich is like is to try one. Suffice to say, it is delicious and full of flavor.

There are currently four options for filling: Philly cheesesteak, grilled BBQ chicken and bacon, meatball and pepperoni and Italian. You can also customize your own.

Hawaiian Pizza

Sometimes when you want some flavor, you need to turn to the most controversial pizza of all: Hawaiian. If you poll a room on whether pineapple belongs on pizza, you will likely get two distinct groups: absolutely yes and absolutely no. There is not an in-between on this subject. Just be careful that you don’t start any fights.

However, it is hard to deny that pineapple adds some serious flavor to your pizza. Maybe you think it is an abomination, but it is truly delicious. If you want something different, this is a good place to start.

Order Now

Place your order for one of the above pizza options. It is time to enjoy more flavor in 2020. Whether you go for something tasty but familiar such as garden fresh or totally out there such as the Papadia, it is time to satisfy that hunger. Open your favorite app and place and order now.

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