Johnny Depp tattoo

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“Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” – that is what you hear when you are watching “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. And who is the one who represents this movie the best? Of course it is Johnny Depp! That is why we have decided to find you some amazing looking tattoos that are inked on this amazing actor!

Since we are talking about “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, we have found this ironic and funny Johnny Depp tattoo Jack Sparrow. Even though it does not look so straightforward, we are pretty sure that you will love it, if you know and understand good humour.

And do not think that this is it! We have plenty more amazing Johnny Depp that will inspire you to look more like this amazing artist. What is more, maybe one of Johnny Depp tattoo is the reason why he is so popular!

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Johnny Depp tattoo