Is CBD Legal For My Dogs To Take?

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CBD Legal For My Dogs To Take

The use of CBD has always been a question. Its legality captures the attention of many people, medical practitioners, and pet owners. Though it is known to have cured specific medical conditions to humans and animals. Still, there is more that needs to be investigated about its usage. Before we go down with CBD Legal For  Dogs or not . Let us review first what CBD is.

What is CBD?

It stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the many compounds seen in a Sativa plant. It is known to have less than 0.3 percent of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is an active compound in the hemp plant that causes a high feeling to the user. 

With CBD being around for quite some time, many people are on the go to try it. This is because there are proven benefits already from people and animals. However, when it comes to using it to dogs and cats, its effectiveness is still being studied and observed. Read here for more information about it.

So why CBD’s legality an issue today?

Issue on Legality 

Is CBD legal or not? It has been a question that has been bothering many present and future users. Its ability to cure the sickness to animals is always in question. And one thing that confuses them is whether it is allowed in their place. Just like marijuana that has been legal and illegal to some places.

“Why is its legality an issue?” It is an issue because even though the cannabidiol has many benefits to evident animals, it is still not considered legal in many places. Yes, you can purchase CBD in many different places, but it does not mean that it is safe and legal. That is why you have to know first if this is legal in your place before using it to your animals.

Moreover, countries and states have different takes and opinions with the use of this cannabidiol and the cannabidiol oil. Some states consider it legal and illegal. For CBD oil, it legal in the following places: Florida, New York, Texas, and California. It is legal as long as the CBD oil was extracted from the hemp plant.


Now that you know why its legality is an issue, let us go to the topic of how much dosage you should give to your pet. 

The Right Dosage of CBD Oil

This is one important thing that every pet owner must prioritize when administering CBD oil. Why? It is because you cannot just give guess the number of drops that you will give to your dog. You can visit CBD Holistapet and other websites to know the right amount for your pets.

Consider the following and you are good to go.

1. Know your dog’s weight.

Determine your dog’s weight. From here you will know the dosage to give. You should follow what is in the dosage chart. You can see there the dog’s weight equals to the number of drops.

2. Take a look at the reason why you will use it.

It has many benefits both for humans and animals. It is important to know because the dosage depends on your dog’s illness or condition. Sometimes it is not used for illness at all. Pet owners use this to strengthen their pet’s immunity.

3. Know your pet’s size.

Your dogs’ size will tell how much dosage they need. For big dogs, they need a higher dosage. While on the other hand, small dogs just need a little or average dosage. This is essential because it will prevent them from being overdosed. 

Let us now go to how you can give CBD oil to your dogs.

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How To Give CBD Oil To Dogs

Based on what you have witnessed and researched about cannabidiol, you finally realized that you are going to let your dog take it. Not because of its gaining popularity in the market today, but the benefits that it can give to your pet. And since your dog will take it for the first time, you might be thinking of a strategy on how to give it to them easily. Read the strategies below and find out how. 

1. Mix It With Their Treats

The treats are your dog’s food. It may come in the form of biscuits. If you want to deceive them using the treats, you may do so. This might give you confidence that the cannabidiol will be consumed, and they might not trace it in their treats. 

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2. Mix With Their Water

Right after eating their food, your dogs will look for water to quench their thirst. This is one strategy too that you can do. Your dog will not notice that you mixed something in their water. It is also safe to put it in water.

3. Combine This With Another CBD Product

If the previous ways would not work, you can try this one. There are many products where you can find cannabidiol oil infused in it. 

4. Put It In Their Food

If you have prepared food for them, you can just mix it in it. You can put drops in the rice and let them eat their food. You can tell that they have eaten the food with the CBD oil in it. Click this link to know more about it

5. Administer It Separately

And if you are brave that your pet could taste the cannabidiol oil, then might as well just give it directly to your dog. You just have to use the dropper to get out the oil from the bottle. Here you are sure that 100 percent they have taken the oil. It is not turned wasted. 

Even though there is a tough question about cannabidiol’s legality, still it is being studied by medical practitioners to make it legal. Especially this time where there is a growing market for the CBD products for animals. 

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CBD Legal For My Dogs To Take