Instant Messengers an Open Door for Cyber bullies

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Instant Messengers an Open Door for Cyber bullies

Instant messenger is very popular these days and you may have seen everyone staring at their mobile phone devices. No matter what OS cell phone is in your hands, whether Android, IOS, and others you just need to visit the play store and you can install social messaging apps. Further, you just need to create an account on the particular messenger and you can use its services without paying anything, but your cell phone device needs to be connected to the internet. Read out how Instant Messengers an Open Door for Cyber bullies.

For instance, let’s think about young kids and teens who own mobile phone and they have access to the cyberspace and they can install the trendy social media apps on the phone. There is never any surprise anymore that young children are using instant messaging apps on their phones to the fullest such as Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Line, Vine and plenty of others alike.

What is cyber bullying?

It takes place on the digital devices connected to the internet such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. It can happen through SMS, text, and apps, on social media apps, forums, or on online gaming zones where users can see participant or share the content. They usually share or spread negative, harmful, false or mean content to any person especially to the young kids and teens.

 However, it also includes personal information about anyone that really embarrasses the victim or humiliates them. However, over the year’s cyberbullying has been considered as unlawful or criminal behavior.

How instant messaging apps are open source of cyber bullying

Having said that earlier in the post, the instant messengers are very popular among everyone and everyone is using it as a free source of communication. Therefore, real-life bullies have changed their way of bullying people in real –life and now they have captured the social messaging apps and have multiple accounts to have fun bullying online especially to the young users. They have penetrated to the trendy instant messaging apps and always try hunt young kids and teens because lack of privacy settings such as full names, contact information, open posts and shared personal photos and videos. However, they can send messages to anyone online by visiting their social media profiles. That’s why all the social messaging apps have become an open source of cyberbullying because there are none of the single processes that labeled someones as cyber bullies. So, anyone can bully online to someone having their account information or by visiting randomly someone’s social messaging app profile. 

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How to protect kids and teen from cyber bullying?

How to protect kids and teen from cyber bullying

Parents can protect kids and teens from open source social media platforms for cyberbullying. They just need to monitor teen’s cell phone devices and installed messengers. They can use TheOneSpy android monitoring app and can use IM’s social media tool and can view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, text messages, audio and video conversations and shared multimedia and Voice messages. This will keep parents up to date to whom kids and teens are talking via instant messengers to the fullest. However, parents can remotely control their social media activities with remotely android phone controller and can view installed messengers, block messages, calls and even the internet on the target android cell phones. 

What young users can do on instant messengers? 

There is the number of activities young kids and teens can do using social networking apps. They can send and receive text messages, text conversations, and audio and videos conversations shared media files such as videos and photos and even can send Voice messages using Facebook, IMO, WhatsApp and Telegram. 

These are the major activities that really create fun loving activities for the young users. Let’s take aside all the services of the famous instant messengers and talk about the vulnerabilities of these modern times social media apps especially for the young kids and teens. In modern times, cyber bullying is on the rise and bullies are harming young kids and teens online using digital media apps. Let’s discuss in detail, what is cyber bullying first and foremost.

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Reason behind instant messengers for an open source for online bullies

Social Media provide bullies anonymity 

Instant messaging apps provide users a complete anonymity; no one knows who is playing behind the instant messaging account. They can make fake accounts by adding false profile information and most of the online bullies often have found in identity theft cases. 

Bullies cannot get caught easily  

Obviously, when someone has fake ID and profile information, it would be a tough job for law enforcement agencies to catch the culprit red-handed. However, most young victims don’t discuss it with the parents or with someone else. Because they think, no one can do anything and how it is possible to catch who is anonymous over social messaging apps. 

Remotely access to the target 

Online bullies don’t have to get up and go the streets, college or at school to find someone who is weak to humiliate someone. They just have to create a social media app account by putting false and tempered of someone else’s profile and then get their hands on the target via text messages, cell phone calls and via shared media files. 


There is no doubt; instant messengers are open source for online bullying, especially to harm young children. Parents can protect their kids and teens with the help of cell phone monitoring software.

Instant Messengers an Open Door for Cyber bulliesHow to protect kids and teen from cyber bullying
Instant Messengers an Open Door for Cyber bullies