Instagram business account vs personal – Now is the time to change!

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Instagram business account vs personal

Since you are on this page searching as to how and in what manner – your Instagram business account will benefit you and why your personal account despite such promotions is not getting a response – let’s get to it! Before jumping into the war of Instagram business account vs personal account, it is best to check the facts!! 

Quick fact checker – The cookie brand: Oreo has 2.4m followers on its Insta account. On a regular basis, it puts up ads/ jingles/ short videos and offers for its clients and customers. In a very short time, it has not just gained a classic position but also improved its profits every quarter. With time, it intends to reckon itself as one of the topmost FMCG brands globally. 

What’s the point here? Just introduced in India in 2011 and getting its Instagram Business Account in 2012 – this is height of success that it has reached half a decade in digital marketing is stupendous. Clearly, this shows the magic that an Instagram business account can do. 

Instagram business account vs personal

Wondering if the Instagram business account vs personal account query is genuine? Here’s more for you – 

Certified and Qualitative brand marketing 

In today’s times – what matters is quality and bringing the untapped customers to the fore. Instagram’s business profile gives a chance to build the follower count in an organic manner. Therefore, the chances of a natural relation between the parties are higher and in this way – the visitor without much of effort turns into a customer or client. 

Scheduling and Publishing directly to Instagram 

Made available in 2018, this feature will help you engage with your clientele and that too without much of a time gap. In fact, previously, one had to remember to post and engage with clients on a personal basis. All you do (or rather Instagram does) – posts automatically and thereby engages potential customers and clients without much of an increase in workload. So, Instagram business account vs personal account (this feature is only available in business accounts) – what’s your pick? 

Instagram business account vs personal

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Analyzing data is of prime importance 

In the case of any digital business, analysis of online data is one of the best ways to strategize. With a business account, one gets access to Instagram Insights – which provides detailed information on the stories and posts. Demographic data is available and details such as – clicking links, figuring out who clicks on those links, and the number of clicks per link – will help you understand the client’s demands. In this way, as a businessman having a instagram business account, you will get a chance to better your reach. Thus, leveraging the Instagram Graph API is a win-win scenario. 

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Instagram business account vs personal account – the ‘extras’ 

Attract and engage the traffic – Community building is the name! 

There are coherent data to prove that Instagram as a social media profile has a more engaged public than other platforms. So, with photo sharing – chances of connection on a one-one basis are higher and therefore sales will rise automatically. 

#The return customers for any brand are most important since the clientele is built on that. Instagram has a record of 33.33% return customers – spending almost 3 times more money than the general public. So, your market is set!! 

How to make use of the business account? 

Just having a business account and not engaging in it, does no help in business promotion. So, how would you engage via the business account? Here are some tips for you – 

1. The updated version of Instagram allows one to connect links with their stories. The catch? With a properly posted storyline and a link added to that – naturally, the account will have more visitors – one with a business account can take this rush and connect with their website thereby driving the traffic to that location. Your advertisement strategy works! 

2. For your information – on Facebook, almost 75% of people react to advertisements – and 1/3rd of them make actual visits to the website. Instagram also has the option of putting ads. How about putting up some advertisements and checking out the results for yourself?

Instagram business account vs personal

3. The Instagram business profile has access to certain tools – not available to personal profiles. With the help of this, one can increase their digital footprint on this social media profile. Engagement = Personal Touch = Growing business! 

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By the way, do make use of Instagram’s scheduling of post options. This will help you engage with the people of concern and that too without much of a struggle! This benefit is only applied to Instagram business account vs personal accounts.

Converting the account 

If you wish to convert your personal account into a business account – here are the steps to follow

  1. Go to your profile and check the gear icon – there is an option: Switch to Business Profile 
  2. Connect the Facebook Business Page of your liking to your Business Account (It is necessary to have Facebook Business Account – if not, set one up here)
  3. Switch your account to ‘Public’ mode from ‘Private’ mode 
  4. On the page of Business Profile – add your business details and contact number 

All set to do business? 

Now that you know the simple benefits of this account, what would be your answer to this question on Instagram business account vs personal account? Again, no harm in having a personal account though- why should you miss out on the photo-sharing and video-watching fun? Keep sharing and growing! 

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