Importance Of Mold Inspection And Testing Services

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Mold inspection and testing services help property owners to determine if the mold or mildew is growing in different spaces. Molds are the fungal growth that not only ruins the aesthetic appearance of your home but it may also compromise the health of the residents. The timely detection and treatment of the growing molds can prevent you from its detrimental effects. This is why regular mold inspection and testing from mold remediation Denver are crucial for the betterment of your home.

To keep your home protected and ensure its hygiene, read this post until the end. 

Possible Reasons Behind The Mold Growth

Mold growth can be one of the most annoying things you may imagine for your home. However, you just can’t help it. They can crop up due to a number of possible reasons. Even when your room is clean and sanitized, the invisible mold spores are always around, looking for the nurturing conditions to grow big. 

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Moisture is one of the most apparent reasons that can promote mold growth on the walls and furniture of your home. 

Food And Organic Materials

Food items can be a good source for their growth, which may include vegetation and other organic materials. 

Absence Of Sunlight

Places that have no exposure to sunlight and excessive moisture can grow mold faster. Dark and moist places are ideal for the growth of mold. 

Oxygen Supply

Mold needs an abundance of oxygen to function. If not, they can’t survive for a long time. However, they perform the cell division in the presence of oxygen to grow in numbers. 

Detrimental Effects Of The Mold On Health

The growth of mold in your home can lead to multi-faceted health issues. If the mold inspection and testing procedures are not taken into consideration promptly, it can promote the below-listed health risks: 

Allergies & Irritations

Mold growth can evoke a wide range of infectious or allergic conditions. The list may include runny nose, dry cough, skin rashes, sore throat, and several others. Furthermore, people who are allergic to mold can develop more severe effects. 

Body Aches & Pain

It can cause pain or ache in different body parts, such as headache, nose pain and bleeding, mood swings, and irritation. If infants or young kids are exposed to this fungal growth, there is a high possibility that they will develop asthma at a very young age. 

Infection And Toxicity

People with compromised immune systems can develop several allergies due to mold. Especially, people who consumed antibiotics or recently recovered from Covid are highly prone to black mold infections. 

How Does Mold Inspection Work? 

The mold inspection is a simple process of visual observation of the mold from the exterior and interior of your home. Besides, it also includes the inspection of several other elements prone to growing mold, such as wooden furniture, beddings, carpets, curtains, and several others. However, the inspection procedure does not cause any disturbance or disruption to your home. 

A mold inspector must have extensive knowledge about roofs, plumbing systems, and HVAC systems. The process may include checking the plumbing leakage, leaking roof, musty odors, and the places having excessive moisture or absence of sunlight. Mold inspection is important because once the mold gets a grab of your home, it may not be eradicated completely ever after. 

Are The Mold Inspection And Testing Same? 

Wondering if the inspection and testing of the mold is the same thing? Well, the answer needs a little elaboration. 


Mold inspection is the surficial observation of the home interior and exterior and other parts susceptible to growing mold. The inspection can help in taking the right preventive measures at the right time to stop molds from reproducing. You need to make a timely check on the mold presence to eliminate them before they even form up. 


Mold testing is a little detailed process for checking its presence. It is carried out mainly by two processes, which include air sampling and surface sampling. This task needs fair lab expertise. Usually, the lab professionals perform this task, and sampling tools and equipment are deployed in carrying out the test. The list of the tools may include moisture meter, humidity gauge, Infrared camera, borescope, and several others.

How To Prevent Them From Occurring? 

If the inspection shows the possibility of mold growth in different spaces of your home, then you need to suppress their growth in the initial stage. You can use the below-given preventive steps: 

1: Alleviate The Humidity Levels

Humidity and moisture secure to the ideal conditions for mold swelling. You may check the humidity level by using a hygrometer. It is an inexpensive tool you can easily find. Set it to a prone place and check it on a daily basis to determine the mold presence. If the machine shows a humidity level between 30% to 50%, then your home is safe. However, if the humidity exceeds 60%, then the chance of mold development is higher. 

2: Open The Windows And Let The Light Enter

Molds grow mostly in cool and dark areas. On the other hand, when the sunlight enters the room, its warmth impedes the multiplication of the molds. The rise in temperature can cause vapor condensation and alleviates the moisture level in the air. Besides, there should be good ventilation in your home; otherwise, you may start noticing the small black spots growing in your wall-corners and other areas. Initial mold inspection and testing can prevent this annoyance. 

3: Keep Your Home As Dry As Possible 

Dryness can be your key to mold elimination. The moisture gives them an ideal environment to nurture. Contrarily, if your room is dry and free of moisture, it eliminates the possibility of mold growth to a greater extent. To do so, you need to keep your exhaust fans on, floors wet, leakages sealed, and ventilation intact. 

Ending Words!

If you are at a place prone to developing mold, regular mold inspection, and testing can be helpful for you. Preventive care can save your home decor from losing its aesthetic appeal. This post can enlighten you with the preventive steps. However, if they set their foot on your wall, it is hard to remove, and professional help must be acquired. 


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