How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

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Travel Safely

We all have our own take on how dangerous coronavirus is, especially if we’re thinking about traveling. 

Some of us think it’s being blown out of proportion, while others don’t know and think it’s better to stay out of the way and be safe. 

There are some things to keep in mind if you choose to travel during these peculiar times. You won’t be signing up for the usual vacation. Many aspects of travel and lodging will look drastically different. 

Most of all, whether you believe in the dangers of COVID or not, it’s best to be safe in your travels. With all of these things in mind, let’s talk about how you can vacation safely during a pandemic. 

Booking Travel

You can find some crazy good deals for travel right now, but that’s expected at the moment, right? 

Many feel it’s simply not the time for travel, and in some instances, they might be correct, but it can still be achieved. 

When you’re looking to book travel at the moment, look for refundable bookings. You never know what may transpire between the time you book your trip and the actual travel day. Additionally, you’ll need to look up your destination and any travel restrictions they may have in place. 

Make sure to read the fine print to make sure you have flexible travel arrangements. 

Wheels Up, Now What? 

Many of us cringe at the thought of being sandwiched between two random people on a plane on any occasion, but this makes us cringe even more right now. 

Some airlines are implementing social distancing, while others are still stuffing as many people in the aircraft as possible. If this is a concern, you can call the airline ahead of time and see how they handle social distancing measures in flight. 

Either way, it’s normal to have uneasy feelings when boarding the metal bird during this whole ordeal, but there’s a way to handle it with ease. 

Cover your bases with CBD hemp capsules. These capsules are potent enough to help you maintain an optimistic attitude while keeping you calm, where there could be plenty of things to freak out about. CBD works naturally within the body to alleviate stress and anxiety that visits us more often amidst COVID concerns that cross our minds more than we’d like. 

You’re probably wondering if it’s legal, and yes, it is, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. You can cover your bases by keeping a copy of your certificate of analysis in your bag with the capsules—but of course, take one before you toss it in your bag!

You’ll be ridiculously relaxed throughout your flight. You might even take the best nap you’ve ever had.

Accommodations Might Not Be that Accommodating

Once you arrive at your location, you’ll see the establishment’s usual operation is improvised to fit social distancing guidelines.

Check with your hotel before you arrive to get all the needed information about the check-in procedure and any other changes the hotel is implementing during your stay. Some of the changes you see can range from contactless check-in and check-out, reduced capacity in all areas of the hotel, including, but not limited to, elevators, lounge areas, pool areas, and restaurants

Not to mention, there will be lines everywhere with these reduced capacity guidelines in place. Many people find all of these restrictions and guidelines to dampen the vacation mode they hope to achieve. 

It’s up to you to decide if you want to vacation under these conditions. But if you’re about to go stir-crazy indoors, why not? 

Bring Your Cleaning Supplies

Many people are totally on board for a vacation in this social climate until they think about sleeping in a hotel bed. Millions of questions start racing. 

Do they wash the comforter? 

Did they sanitize everything….or anything? 

Did someone stay in this room who had COVID contact? 

Naturally, you’re going to have questions and concerns about sleeping in a bed that countless other bodies have occupied. Still, you can always bring your own cleaning supplies

We know it kind of takes the fun out of the whole vacation vibe, but a light Lysol spritz won’t hurt, along with a quick Lysol wipe down of all the most commonly touched areas of the room.

If you want to be extremely safe, take your own bedding. This way, you can toss in turn in complete peace…even drool on the pillow a bit without waking up and frantically running for Listerine. 

Think About This While You Pack

Sure, this isn’t the ideal time to travel. Many elements of the “vacation” will be drastically different from what we’re all accustomed to. 

However, this is a rare time in history where you’ll get travel deals for dirt cheap. 

You have all the tips and tools needed to travel safely during a pandemic. Now, the only thing left to decide is where you’re going!

Travel Safely