How to Mix Your Modern Lifestyle with Your Traditional Wedding?

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Modern Lifestyle with Traditional Wedding

Is it possible to mix a modern lifestyle with a traditional wedding? Yes, it is possible, and we will show you how to do it in this post. You don’t have to argue with your mom if she insists on adapting the traditional wedding etiquette. You can still apply the old practice and combine it with the modern style without affecting the outcome of your wedding. Here are tips on how you can make mix modern lifestyle with traditional wedding.

Snap-Out with the Traditional Black Tie Outfit

If you search online, you will notice that many grooms today do not wear the conventional black-tie suit. Instead, they become more playful with their outfit. Some wear navy blue tuxes instead of black and let the guests wear the traditional black. Seeing your guests in black tuxes provides the feel of a conventional wedding. 

Add a Live Band on the Reception

You can also add a live band to entertain your guests. This will surely get the party started. Your parents would not mind having this kind of entertainment, particularly if the band plays their favorite song. You get to add modernity to a traditional wedding without hurting your mom’s feelings. 

Serve Party Food Along with the Three-Course Meal

Most weddings have the traditional three-course meal. However, if you know your guests will stay and be ready to party after all the ceremonies, add some party food. Talk to your caterer to speed up the serving process so everybody can get out on the dance floor. 

Go Digital 

With the world’s present situation, we do not have any choice but to go digital. Technology has played a vital role in our lives. You don’t have to argue with the oldies as it is now the best solution to ensure your wedding will push through. Some of your relatives living from different parts of the world can join you at your wedding via Zoom or other platforms. You can still show them how lovely your modern vintage engagement rings are.  You can have a traditional wedding with a touch of modernity without debating with your parents. 

Play with the Colors

You can add striking color to modernize your table décor that complements the traditional wedding interior. Of course, follow the formal place setting to keep everything just like the old times, but you can add colorful napkins and other hot accessories on the table to provide a modern look. According to some experts, blue or gold color palettes are the wedding colors that will trend this year. So, if you want to go with the trend, add some blue or gold to your wedding table. 

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Use Family Heirloom

There is always a way to add a modern spin on an old tradition, and uniquely using family heirlooms is one of them. Heirlooms can be the center of attraction and part of tablescapes. The family China and flatware can enhance the tables or use your copper kitchenware to syle up the tables. 

Wearing clothing or accessory used by your great-great-grandmother and handed over to your mom during her wedding is a tradition that most families follow. It can be jewelry, shoes, wedding gowns, and others. It can be bowties, tie bars, pocket squares, flasks, and cufflinks for the boys.

Mixing modern and traditional elements for the wedding is something you can do with anything. For example, you can combine conventional lace-trimmed tablecloths with modern square plates. Use gold-rimmed dinnerware with trendy floral centerpieces, or opt for acrylic chairs and pin-tucked cloth touches. To make them blend well, make sure to use the right color. 

Display Family Photos

Another way of incorporating old traditions in a modern wedding is by adding family photos to the wedding theme. Expert wedding coordinators pointed out that generational wedding photography is becoming very common at weddings. The nostalgic images will surely capture the attention of your guests. You can also incorporate framed photos into welcome tables and ensure the frame colors and aesthetics complement the overall wedding design. 

Modernize the Traditional Metals 

Metallic is a trend that never goes out of style. The way to make the metals modern is to have fun with them. You can color the light bulbs with silver or gold and hang them around the reception tables. At every wedding, the table setting plays a vital role, and it sets the mood. 

Timeless Classics Floral Arrangements with a Twist

You can modernize timeless classics by adding a twist on them. You can add tiny elements to the interior to transform the venue. For example, instead of arranging the flowers in a traditional way of lining them up, you can make a variation and use different colors to make the area lively and colorful. 

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Give the flowers a simple twist with a modern feel that is unique and fresh but still classic. Another element you can give a twist on is the card. Consider using different materials like marble, capiz shells, or leather.  

Traditional Wedding Serving Modern Food

The food you serve during your wedding can make a difference. You can have the traditional marriage from the ceremony to the venue. Then, surprise your guests with the food you serve. Talk to the caterer to provide a modern menu for your guests that you and your partner inspire. For instance, your guests can have a shot of a glass of gazpacho on their tables. 

Use Classic in a Conventional Way

You can give classic elements a new look and use them in non-traditional ways to add a contemporary feel to your wedding theme. For instance, if you will be having the traditional marble table at your wedding, do not place any linens or runners on it to provide a contemporary, clean look that will truly make the setup stunning. 

Use Modern Calligraphy

If your mother insists on having calligraphed invitations, and you want to snap out of the old-fashioned way of making them, you can meet halfway. You can have traditional wedding invitations done in a modern way. For example, a printed invitation using a font similar to calligraphy can do the trick. Or you can add striking colors on calligraphed invitations to provide a modern look. You don’t have to fight which wedding style to follow as you can have both. 

Design the Interior According to the Couple’s Personality

You can have the wedding in a venue away from the city, without letting go of the traditional ceremony. There are lots of venues you can choose from. The choices are limitless, from a farm transformed into a lovely garden designed for weddings and other events to forest-like settings for nature lovers couples. Adding lights and some family heirlooms in the location can provide the traditional feel in a modern environment. 

You don’t have to worry if your parents insist on something because it is a family tradition. You can maintain your modern style and at the same time adapt to the traditional wedding ceremony. It’s a matter of how you or your wedding planner do it. Using a family heirloom to pay tribute to the family legacy is best to combine your modern lifestyle with your traditional wedding. Keep in mind, the success of your marriage does not depend on your theme or motif. 


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Modern Lifestyle with Traditional Wedding