How To Make Delta 9 Gummies At Home

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Sometimes we all like to don an apron and put on our chef’s hat. Though, admittedly, stoners don’t often feel so. Especially when they are high. But, when it comes to cooking some edibles (like Delta 9 gummies), every cannathusiast is first in line for the knives and bowls! 

Ever thought how wondrous it would be to eat your very own packet of gummies that you crafted with love and care? How would it feel to bite into a gummy that was molded by you? Would the effort you put in make you higher? Wouldn’t it give a better trip? 

Yes, right! We know!

It is so easy to make Delta 9 Gummies at home that you will be surprised! It does not take sophisticated equipment or rare, exotic ingredients. It is all basically gelatin and some Delta 9 oil. Don’t trust us? Then read on, and we will show you how easy it is!

Let’s get started!

Getting Started

The most important thing when it comes to making Delta 9 THC gummies is your choice of Delta 9 Oil. This is the soul of your gummy and exactly what will get you high.  Therefore don’t go for cheap brands or brands that sell synthetic Delta 9 THC oil.

You should be looking for THC oil made from organic, hemp-derived, non-GMO, and vegan oil. Do some research and find D9 oil made from such sources, which has exactly the potency level you require. 

Ingredients & Equipment

Makes: 20 Gummies

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

  • 100 grams of unflavored or flavored Jell-O powder
  • 15 grams of any unflavored gelatin powder 
  • 5 tbsp of warm water
  • 2 to 3 drops of Delta 9 THC Oil (Depends on the potency level of your oil)
  • Half a teaspoon of citric acid 
  • Silicon Mold of your favorite shape

Step-by-Step Recipe

  1. Add the Jello-O powder, 2 packets of gelatin, and warm water in a microwave-safe bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and make sure there are no lumps that are formed in it.
  2. Once all the ingredients are mixed then, slowly start adding Delta 9 THC oil to the batter and mix it thoroughly.
  3. Put the bowl on medium flame and let it cook for 10 minutes. Make sure you keep stirring and don’t increase the flame, as that might end up burning the mixture.
  4. Once the mixture is ready, wait for 10 to 15 seconds and then add the citric acid into it.
  5. Mix the acid and quickly pour the mixture into the silicon molds. Make sure you have done this step fast enough, as the gelatin might get tacky.
  6. Place the gummies into the freezer, wait for 45 minutes, and let them get hard. 

After the gummies have set, now is your time to delight! Have these homemade gummies and enjoy the deliciousness! If you want to add a twist to your Delta 9 gummies, you can roll the gummies in castor sugar or coarse sugar. 

We recommend this if you’re making sour patches, as they taste amazing when made this way. You can also do some crazy stuff with them, such as putting them in cakes, marshmallows, etc. There are infinite possibilities and the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

If you can keep these gummies stashed properly, then they are good to eat for at least 1 month. In the event you have made a lot, you can at least try to post something like delta 9 thc gummies for sale if you have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, who knows, this might be the beginning of a good fortune.

How to properly stash your Delta 9 THC Gummies?

The best way to store your Delta 9 Gummies is to keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place. This is important because of some critical reasons. 

By keeping the gummies in a cool place, you’re inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and oxidation. Heat can melt the gummies, and they can go bad very quickly. You won’t even realize when that packet of gummies kept on the kitchen shelf near the gas stove went bad.

Moisture is the perfect recipe for anything to go rotten, and this is a universal factor. Moisture is a breeding ground for microorganisms; they thrive in it. If you keep your gummies in a dry place, you will have successfully displaced this important factor.

Sunlight is a disinfectant, and that can not be denied. But sunlight also has heat. Therefore, returning to the point of heat, it can be bad for your gummies.

If you have followed all the tips to the T, you can expect your gummies to last a little longer than a month. But always keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs of gummies gone bad. Enjoy!

How to tell if my homemade Delta 9 Gummies have gone bad?

Are you wondering whether that packet of gummies you bought a month back is still edible? It sure looks as it did when you made it but is there any way to be HUNDRED percent sure?

Well, we will be honest with you, there is no foolproof way to tell if the gummies that you are having are completely safe to eat. (Obviously, discounting chemical methods and other laboratory processes)

But, as we said above, there are some tell-tale signs of gummies gone bad that you can always refer to. These are:

  1. Color: Color tells a story of many shades (ignore the pun). Gummies that have expired, so to speak, will have lost some color too. Or they would be an odd pale shade of how they were. The colors wouldn’t look as bright as they did before, and if your gummies were multi-colored, you would find them smudged/mixed.
  2. Smell: The classic sign to identify anything rotten is a funky smell. The same rule applies here too. If you smell something funky, then there definitely is a rat! Steer away from any kind of gummies that smell bad.
  3. Texture: A few people would know how texture becomes important. Well, we are here to tell you how. Bad gummies would be soft and too mushy. They would dissolve as you touch them. This is one of the biggest signs that the gummies are inedible now. 

These were some tips for you to identify Delta 9 THC gummies that are inedible. Make sure you always keep them in mind. If, even after using these tips, you can’t tell whether the gummies have gone bad, then stay on the side of precaution and do not eat those gummies.

They have a real chance of making you sick. 

How to make Delta 9 oil for Delta 9 THC Gummies?

Do you know you can make Delta 9 oil at home? The same oil that we used in the gummies recipe. It is pretty simple!

All you need is a strain high in Delta 9 THC, such as OG Kush, Fire OG, White Widow, etc, and some butter (salted or unsalted, your choice, but we recommend using unsalted butter as you can always add salt later).

Take your buds and put them through a grind. Make a coarse grind, not too powdery. Take a baking sheet on a baking tray and flatten out the weed on the sheet, ensuring it is laid out evenly. 

Now, you can put this tray into the preheated microwave at 280F for about 25 minutes. Keep checking on the weed every 5 minutes to make sure it hasn’t burnt. 

After 25 minutes are over, take out the tray and see if the weed has become a shade browner and is hard. If yes, then you can move to the next step. If not, then give it a few more minutes in the microwave.

Now that your weed is ready, you can add the butter into a saucepan kept on medium flame. Add the weed into the pan when the butter melts. Mix both ingredients together for about 10 minutes. Then turn the flame off and strain the butter.

Voila! Your Delta 9 THC oil is ready!

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How To Make Delta 9 Gummies At Home