How to Last Longer During Oral Sex?

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During Oral Sex

Do you enjoy experimenting with different sex styles in the bedroom? Oral sex is among the most pleasurable sexual activities for men, but many of them struggle to last longer. 

The length of a fellatio session depends on multiple factors, such as the energy of both partners, their previous experience in oral sex, their state of mind, etc. 

Nevertheless, there are certain techniques men can try to increase their endurance, like changing the tempo, discouraging the use of hands, trying the 69-position, using some sex devices, etc. Many men find the blowjob device helpful in improving sexual stamina. 

Follow the tips below to last longer during fellatio. 

Encourage your partner to change the tempo

One of the best tips for lasting longer during oral sex is to encourage your partner to change the tempo. Instead of making fast movements with the mouth, you should suggest penis stimulation at different speeds. By experiencing various sensations, your chances of reaching climax won’t be as high. 

Moreover, the change in tempo will depend on the types of movements you are already accustomed to. For instance, if quick movements stimulate you to reach an orgasm, slowing things down will delay the process. On the contrary, if slow movements stimulate you, quickness will allow you to restore control and enjoy the process longer. 

Using no hands

Another tip to help you last longer during fellatio is asking your partner not to use their hands in the process. In general, individuals stimulate their partners orally by applying their mouth on the penis’s tip while using their hands to stimulate the shaft. This combination of techniques is likely to result in pre-mature ejaculation. 

Additionally, men who masturbate regularly by stimulating the shaft of their male organs might link this sensation with their ability to reach climax. Click here to have a look at the seventeen benefits of masturbation. Make sure to ask your partner not to use her hands for a while, at least not on your penis. Their hands can be used to stimulate other parts of your body.  

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How to Last Longer During Oral Sex

Interrupt the process periodically

Interrupting fellatio periodically is another technique to try by those worried about ejaculating too soon. There is nothing wrong with asking for a break by engaging in other activities and coming back to oral stimulation later. Some of the activities to enjoy in the meantime can include penetration, mutual masturbation, taking the role of oral stimulator yourself, etc. 

Regardless of which activity you choose to do, interrupting fellatio is unquestionably helpful in delaying ejaculation. The activities you perform in the meantime should keep you excited until you both decide it’s time to continue with oral sex. 

Give the 69 position a try

Another tip worth trying is getting into the 69 position, which provides pleasure for both parties but rarely results in an orgasm. The 69 position involves mutual pleasure, as both partners are stimulating each other orally at the same time. 

While doing your best to stimulate your partner with tongue and mouth movements, you won’t be able to concentrate entirely on the sensations that you receive in the meantime. Make sure to suggest trying this position and place your focus on giving your partner an orgasmic experience. By focusing your attention on providing pleasure to your partner, you will be able to last much longer. Follow this link,, for some tips on increasing your pleasure in the 69 sex positon. 

Be open to licking of other parts

Men looking for a way to avoid pre-mature ejaculation while stimulated orally should be open to the possibility of getting other parts licked. Instead of using their tongue on your male organ, your partner can lick your testicles or inner thighs as long as you find these stimulations pleasurable. 

Apart from the penis area, your partner can lick you on any other part of your body. Nevertheless, sometimes, this type of teasing might lead to a faster orgasm when oral sex resumes. This technique is worth the shot, as it might open a new world of sexual pleasures. 

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Give some prolonging activities a try

Men can last longer during oral sex by trying some prolonging activities, which have proven helpful to many males. For instance, you should try masturbating a few hours prior to having oral sex, as it can slow things down. Even if you masturbate in the morning, you’ll still have a better chance of lasting longer in the evening. 

Another prolonging activity to experiment with is the squeeze technique. During fellatio, when the man is about to experience an orgasm, he should pull his penis out and squeeze the end of it with the forefinger till the urge goes away. You can repeat this technique a couple of times.

Experiment with sex toys

Men looking to increase their sexual stamina are encouraged to try some blowjob stimulation devices at home. These devices are capable of providing users with oral sex sensations with the help of their texture resembling a tongue. The components these machines are made of can pump, oscillate, or vibrate, depending on their design. 

In addition, blowjob devices are believed to improve sexual stamina. By using them on a regular basis, men can endure longer when having actual oral sex. In fact, these devices are often recommended by relationship therapists to males facing premature ejaculation issues. 

Try distracting yourself

One of the most cliché techniques to try is distracting yourself. This technique is considered helpful to many men struggling to delay their ejaculation during oral sex.  Whenever you are about to reach an orgasm, think of something that distracts your attention. 

Such distraction should be brief to help you regain control, not too long to distract you completely. Although this technique isn’t proven yet, non-sexual thoughts are likely to help individuals ignore their sensations and be in control once again

The bottom line

Try the above-mentioned techniques to enjoy fellatio much longer than before. 

Your partner will appreciate the effort!

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