How To Keep Spider Mites At Bay? Handy Solutions

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spider mites

Spider mites can be a real nuisance to your home. The sight of these creepy creatures can be unsettling. They look not only hideous but also cause severe disruption to your garden and plantation. Greenhouses are one of the most vulnerable places where these tiny troubles can do the maximum damage. Do you want to eliminate them and want them to never come back ever? Well, to apply the right procedures, you need to know them in the first place. Science can facilitate you in getting the task done. Read this post until the end to know some handy ways to eliminate spider mites from your garden. Let’s proceed! 

What Are The Spider Mites

Before jumping to the troubleshooting hacks, let’s learn more about these daunting creatures. They lay their eggs on the leaves and barks of the host plants. They feed on the same and transfigure into the adults. A warm and dry atmosphere offers the most nurturing conditions for their growth. You need to make proper management of the infested plants to obstruct their growth and spreading on the other plants. The worst part about them is their tiny size and invisible colors. You may not be able to observe them until a closer look is paid. However, you should act promptly once their presence is confirmed. 

spider mites


How To Determine The Presence Of Spider Mites? 

As we have discussed earlier, it is an intimidating task to see them with naked eyes; provided you see them closely. However, to detect their presence, you should look for the evidence that they leave behind. First of all, you need to snoop around for the milky webs, especially underneath the leaves. Also, take a close look at the leaves to check the infestation. You can easily notice the bite marks on the leaves. They are small in size and cause patchy pigmentation on the leaves. If there is one, soon there can be thousands of them as they reproduce rapidly—high time to do something concrete in order to prevent their intrusion on the other plants. 

How Do They Grow? 

Spider mites grow at a rapid pace and can ruin the greenery around them. They feed on the leaves and grow in warm and dry places. Eggs are hatched into the larvae, and then they transform into nymphs. When they grow, they grow into a real headache for some people. If you are among those people whom they have annoyed to the core, it’s time for some action. You need to have a very selective approach when it comes to their extermination. 

Are They A Real Nuisance To You? 

When watering your garden plants, you may abruptly notice the discoloration of the leaves in the small yellow and brown patches. It depicts that they have trespassed into the garden and are now vandalizing it. Regardless, they are few in numbers; the damage can be severe. Perhaps when you notice them, the extent of damage can be intimidating. Curling or falling off the leaves also indicates their presence. They can cause disruption in several manners. They can threaten the well-being of the annual crops, such as melons, squash, and watermelons. The infestation can cause leaves to sunburn and die. In a variety of crops, their detrimental effects can be noticed directly. The shower plants are also not devoid of their damage. These detrimental effects make them one of the most annoying pests to be treated in a swift manner. 

How To Prevent The Spider Mites Infestation? 

Before we move to the eradication procedure, let’s take a look at the preventive care steps to keep them at bay. It saves both your time and efforts you will be forced to invest in case of a severe infestation. Let’s check this out! 

1: Disinfect

When you are about to set up the new crop, clean and sterilize the area with a reliable quality product, it can be an efficient practice after the end of every cycle. Also, it ensures that the new plants will be devoid of the pests until some external factors bring them into the picture. 

2: Treat Cuttings Carefully

If you have brought the plant cuttings from a different person, then you need to ensure that it is not already infested with the spider termites. Cut the parts you suspect of the infestation sterilize and the plant with the utmost care. 

3: Don’t Be A Carrier

When you enter the garden or the lawn area, make sure you haven’t carried any of them. Sometimes, they stick to your clothes or hair, and you unknowingly invite them to the feast. Therefore, take a shower and change your clothes before you enter the vegetation area. 

4: Keep Regular Check 

Preventive cautions help. However, they may still find a way to your grow room and ruin the greenery. Keeping regular eyes on them can help you identify the tiny creatures. When they are detected in the initial level, you can take the right course of action and fix them before they start multiplying. 

5: Use Pest Blockers

There are many reliable-grade bug blocker products available in the market that can prevent pest growth on crops. Not just spider mites, but they are effective on a number of other tiny pests. With swift troubleshooting, you can enjoy seeing your plants grow. 

How To Eliminate Them With Easy DIY Solutions?

Now that you have all the required information related to this annoying pest, below are a few home remedies that can help you conquer spider mites. Check the below-stated points: 

  • Neem oil is a strong agent that shows a powerful effect on the number of pests. You can pour the oil into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on areas prone to infestation. This is an easy and cost-effective way of spider mite control. 
  • Distilled white vinegar can work magic in the case of pest eradication. The procedure of the application will be the same as that of the neem oil. The result is also equally good.
  • The spray technique can also work with alcohol or rosemary oil as they are one of the biggest enemies of pests. Make sure that it reaches underneath the leaves, as it is where most of them reside. 

Final Words! 

Reading this full post can give you all-inclusive information about the spider mites, their signs, and extermination procedures. Hope you may now deal with these situations like a pro. If you liked the post, make a visit to our blog section and choose exciting posts from your favorite categories. 


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