How To Get Siomai King Franchise? Answered

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Siomai King Franchise

Siomai King Franchise is a franchise package you may get from JC Franchising Inc. Siomai King Food Cart is different from the other Siomai food cart businesses there. It is the first company that offers five prices of the Honk Kong and Shanghai siomai for P25 only. Additionally, they also offer their Japanese siomai and black gulaman for a drink. The franchise comes with a number of the inclusions such as the use of the trade name and logo, business system, lighted company signage, and several other things. To learn more about Siomai King Franchise, read this post until the end. 

Siomai King: An Overview

JC Worldwide Franchise Inc. is the brainchild of the two young entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang. After the great success of its first food brand, Burger Factory, they introduced several new brands, and Siomai King was one of them. Every day, the Siomai King franchise uses high-quality ingredients including fresh meats and vegetables. 

At their commissary, which has a good manufacturing practices certificate, all ingredients are processed using the most up-to-date machinery in the production of Siomai and Siopao. Additionally, it also has BFAD and NMIS accreditation. Furthermore, employees are meticulously trained and maintain good sanitation.

What Does Siomai King Franchise Fee Include? 

When you pay the fee for the Siomai King franchise, it will enable you to use the trade name, logo, and its business system. You will also get a lighted duty stainless cart with a cabinet and stainless round streamer. Besides, you can get access to an electric stove, acrylic juice dispenser, and complete operating utensils. In addition to these utilities, you will also get a free food tasting product worth 1.000 pesos. The other inclusions contain Marketing collaterals and an Operations manual. On the fee payment, you can receive comprehensive personal training and opening assistance. The main features of the Franchise include: 

Use of Trade Name and Logo

Includes our inviting concept of “5-piece siomai in one serving”.

Affordable Package

Low cost of franchise package available with undeniably overwhelming inclusions.


Its delicious siomai variants are made without preservatives and from high-quality ingredients, and they’re served with a refreshing gulaman juice.

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No Royalties or Renewal Fees

The good news is that we do not charge a renewal fee or a royalty fee, which is one of the advantages of owning a franchise, as opposed to other companies, whose franchise fee is nearly P400,000.


The orientation of the menu, planning, use of the equipment, inventory reports, and intensive on-site training during the first days of service are all included.

Operating Assistance

To ensure the quality of service, continuous monitoring and careful maintenance of the concept and operation are needed.

Site Assistance

For those who would like to seek help in finding the right location.

Extra Income and Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Skills

Investing means the need to have additional income for you and your family; moreover, deciding to invest means unleashing your goal to be an entrepreneur.


Constantly joins exhibits and events, being featured in Entrepreneur magazine, sponsors TV shows, and is endorsed by celebrities.

What Are The Requirements For Taking The Franchise? 

To qualify as an online franchisee, all you need is a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection. In order to learn how to run the business properly, the franchisee must undergo all free online training offered by the company through Zoom.

No Renewal Fees, Lifetime Franchise

The best part is, your Siomai King online franchise contract is a lifetime! You’ll only pay once to become an online franchisee. There is no royalty fee, no monthly or annual renewal charges. 

Sell Anywhere, Anytime

You can operate the business in the comfort of your home. There’s no need to stress about physical locations, inventory, shipping costs, rent, or personnel. Everything you’ll need is a smartphone or laptop, as well as access to the internet. To begin earning, simply promote the online store website that we have! There’s no need to be concerned with marketing items such as banners, flyers, videos, or celebrity endorsers because the organization can take care of it. You just need to copy and download it from our site.​

Good Manufacturing Practice

Because all of our products are FDA approved, you can be assured that all of the products you sell are healthy and of the highest quality. We run our own state-of-the-art machine-operated commissaries throughout the world, where we produce only high-quality, nutritious food using authorized sanitary procedures and high-quality ingredients.

How To Become An Online Franchise? 

Choose the franchise that you want to join. Complete the registration form and send it. You will be required to participate in a free online franchise orientation webinar via Zoom. Following that, you’ll receive an email with a payment link that you can use to pay with a credit/debit card or through online banking. After you’ve successfully paid, you’ll have to wait 3-5 days for your account to be processed and activated. You will receive an email with the following information once your account has been activated: Online franchise agreement, Online store website links.

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How To Earn?

You can earn with the Siomai King Franchise in the below-given ways:

Product Sale

You can earn up to Php30,000 a month, depending on your sales, from the comfort of your own house. Your benefit would be 30% of the gross revenue on your website. In less than four weeks, you will get a return on your investment (ROI).

Franchise Sale

Aside from earning on your product sales through your online store, you can also earn from our referral commission program. Whenever someone asks you about the online franchise business, sell them this online franchise or just refer them to us, and we will explain the business to them. For every successful referral who avails of the franchise, you will earn Php5,000 for the Philippine account and Php7,500 for an International account which will directly be credited to your online account.

Potential Income

The projected potential net income of Siomai King is from 700 pesos to 3,000 pesos per day. Let’s say, for example, that sales aren’t sometimes that good, assuming that you only made 1,500 pesos net income per day when you maintain that for 30 days, that will give you a net income of 45,000 pesos per month. Now, if your food cart business earns 45,000 pesos a month, divide that to the 239,888 investment (franchise fee + setup fee), you will have a return of investment in 5 months’ time. Isn’t that amazing?

For those who would want to venture into a business, choose food cart franchising. We offer you an investment that is truly valuable for your money. Be one of our Siomai King food cart franchises and avail of our promo!

When you invest in our Siomai King food cart, a franchise fee of 149,888, you will get a BONUS from JC Premiere Business International. JC Premiere Business International will be giving you 7 Platinum Accounts, that is, 14 bags filled with Health, Beauty, and Personal Care Products worth 140,000 pesos, and after a week, you will be given a check amounting to 12,690 pesos, as commissions from your 7 Platinum Accounts. 140,000 worth of products and 12,690 worth of checks can help you cover up for your Ocular Inspection Fee.

Final Words! 

If you want to take the Siomai King Franchise, then this post contains much crucial information for you. You can get to know about the requirements and its potential earnings. If you want to know about more business opportunities, navigate through our blog section. 


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Siomai King Franchise