How to Get Rid of Love Handles in a Month at Home

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how to get rid of love handles

Ladies, it is 2020 and it is time when people don’t tell us how we should look and what we should wear. Beauty has evolved over the years but in today’s time, it is more about self-care and self-love than looking out validation from others. While some women love to flaunt flaws like stretch marks, love handles, and cellulitis, some just want to tone themselves up to look prettier for themselves. Here, we will discuss all about how to get rid of love handles. However, we want to start by saying that you’re perfect as you are! If there is anything you want to change, make sure you want it for yourself, because you want to look good and stay fit!

What causes love handles

If you are someone who likes to go with the trends, you might want to know a little about how beauty standards have evolved overages. There have been changes to the idea of a perfect female body over the years. A few years back, the hourglass was no longer the best body type. Women all over the world started going on a strict diet to maintain a zero figure. More of the Parisian models support small sizes just to look attractive in every piece of clothing. Apart from following a strict diet, what keeps men and women in shape is exercise.

The primary cause of love handles is fat retention that happens gradually if you keep gaining weight or during pregnancy. It is no secret that the fat reduction surgeries and plans are widely advertised and do allow women to reach a certain body type. However, no matter what the exercise may be, there are a few areas of the body that tend to accumulate fat anyway. One of them is the hip area, where fat accumulates and bulges out, forming what is commonly known as love handles. Love handles have been every woman’s nightmare on the path to achieving the best body. Thus, here are a few dedicated ways to get rid of love handles.

How to get rid of love handles

It is natural to wonder what methods might help one get rid of the love handles, considering how adamant the fat tends to be around the hip and the thigh region. Love handles may be a cute name for a body part, but they are not attractive when it comes to throwing them out of your lives and bodies. To define what love handles are in a simple way, they are the excessive fat that accumulates at the side of the waist. Make it even clear; it is the fat that bulges out of the body when you wear a tightly fitted pair of pants. Alternatively, love handles are also less popularly known as the muffin top.

There are innumerable exercises that target this region of the body to get rid of the fat quickly. Some of them include exercises that target the abdominal muscles such as obliques, crunches, sit-ups, and mountain climbers. Not often are people successful as love handles are stubborn. Thus, one of the most effective ways to get rid of love handles is to combine exercises with a good change in diet. Additionally, people can also make a few changes in their lifestyle. Here is how to get rid of love handles in a month:

Love handles workout

As kids at school, we had learned how exercise is the key solution to all problems, and most of us had ignored the advice. As adults, this should be your mantra if you wish for a fit body, let alone a perfect one. Exercise leads one to good health, high fitness, and even better of a body. One has to include training into their routine so that they get at least an hour of exercise every day.

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Now, it is essential to exercise on a regular basis as falling out of routine never adds to the progress made. Instead, it takes the shape of the body nowhere at all. Exercising for one day and then letting go of the practice leads to sudden gain and weight loss. It is challenging to stick to one size, and on the very same note, it is all the more difficult to lose weight. An irregular exercise routine does no good to the love handles at all. Exercise, along with a good, healthy diet plan, leads to significant changes in one’s body

Necessary body movements

Apart from exercise, it is essential to move throughout one day. The only use for an hour for training followed by staying in bed or on an armchair does not help. Some people lead lives that involve long hours at their desks. With every passing day, life is getting busier, and as a result, people tend to spend long hours inside their cubicle. This can lead to an unfortunate habit, which results in the accumulation of fat around one’s waistline.

People who tend to move around less throughout the day have a 0.13-0.15cm increased waistline than that of the typical average measurement. In case it is not easy to remind yourself to take a brisk walk around the room every hour, one can set the alarm or a timer to remind themselves of the same. Furthermore, a mobile app to calculate your steps and calories lost also helps a great deal. One is motivated to make a more significant difference every time they take a few steps around their surroundings.

Whole-body exercises

As the name suggests, Whole Body Exercises are the exercises that do not focus on one part of the body but also help to lose weight evenly. In some instances, this method can be way better than performing hit and abs-based work out routines. Whole-body exercises help one lose weight from the entire body at the same time instead of targeting a specific body part.

Moves or exercises incorporate the entire body, and whenever you try the aerobic exercises, the body tends to lose more and more weight.

Some examples of whole-body exercises are burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and battle ropes. Try the fat burning exercises, which include high-intensity training at the beginning of the routine and then ease into targeted activities.

Increase cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are aerobic exercises that work to increase your heart rate for a more significant period of time. If it is aerobic, any activity will help the body burn calories and get rid of excess fat on the body. Your love handles will stand no chance between cardio exercises and whole-body aerobic exercises. One must not be mistaken to believe that cardio exercises are only high-intensity training as there exists a wide range of moves that also includes low-intensity techniques.

Alternatively, to increase the fun quotient of your workout routine, you can add activities like swimming, running, jogging, or walking. The cardio or aerobic exercises should be only 20 minutes per day.

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The ultimate how to get rid of love handles diet

As often said by doctors, sugar is a silent killer, and rest assured, every word of that sentence is correct. Removing sugar from your food and drinks is the best way to level up to a healthy diet. It is beneficial to cut down on added sugar too. Added sugar is found in aerated drinks, soda water, candies and chocolate bars, cookies, soft drinks, and energy drinks. Added sugar is much different from natural sugar as natural sugar occurs naturally in fruits, while added sugar is the artificial sweetening of dishes.

Allowing sugar in your diet never helps anyone get rid of their love handles. Furthermore, it keeps allowing the body to gain weight such that it may lead to severe disorders and diseases like heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hyperglycemia. Foods that have high sugar content automatically have high-calorie content. Thus, cutting out on sugar can help one cut out high levels of calories from their body. Fewer calories mean less fat on the hips.

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High on fiber and rich in protein

The meals that form a part of your diet plan should contain large amounts of protein and fiber. However, the fiber can be of two broad types; soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is found in natural foods like nuts, oats, vegetables, and fresh fruits. A high fiber-based diet is said to cause weight loss all the more readily.

High-quality protein intake can help one lose fat around their waist, causing them to have lesser love handles. Some of the high protein foods that can be included in the diet are seeds, legumes, nuts, eggs, and meat products.

Avoid oil in all food

Oils can lead to health issues sooner or later, depending on the amount of oil you consume. Besides, it does not help your live handles in any way. Try to include healthier fats and oils in your food, which could be in the form of avocados, seeds, fish oil, olive oil, and nuts.

Stay hydrated always

Drink water as frequently as possible. It is essential to quit sweetened drinks while one is thirsty. Sweetened drinks do more harm to the body than normal regular water. Liquid calories from water usually face the same fate as all calories in the body. However, the calories from sweet items make the body profoundly unfit for any sort of work by adding fat in the most important places of a human body. One such part is the love handles.

Cut down on stress

One of the fundamental problems these days is stress about our future. Worrying about the insecurities involves a person’s mental and physical well being. High levels of stress lead to a sudden change of lifestyle that could affect your physical state of being and the mental state. Being adversely affected by the stress in one’s life, people have been trying to keep down the negativity on and around social media.

Stress occurs due to a rise in the hormone, and one of the hormones that lead to more stress is named cortisol.

The weight gain due to a stressful life is often around the waist and never on the other parts of the body. Try out helpful methods like work out, yoga, meditation, etc.

Get proper sleep at night

Getting adequate sleep at night has effects that feel magical on those love handles. They do not make them disappear but aid the calorie loss process as much as possible. Thus, women should try to sleep for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours every night. Deprivation of good, sound sleep leads to an unhealthy lifestyle coupled with obesity, and hyperglycemia.

A good night’s sleep is comparable to living a life with minimum stress. The two are not in anyone’s control yet requires an excellent habit to teach them.


Getting rid of the love handles may be difficult without any aid, but this article aims to provide all the help one would need to remove them from your life. Apart from the points mentioned above, it is necessary to avoid fast food, alcohol drinks, and oily food as it adds to the body’s fatty parts.

From this article, it will be evident that there are multiple ways to get rid of love handles. However, it is up to you which procedure suits you the best. No matter what you choose, all of them go hand in hand, and thus, it will be necessary to follow all in some capacity or the other.

At the end of the period, you will gain not only a fantastic figure but also a healthy lifestyle.

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