how much money do you need to start tattooing

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how much money do you need to start tattooing. Tattooing has become widely accepted in mainstream America as an art form, profession and fashion statement in recent years, and as a result, the tattoo industry is steadily on the rise.

Learn the Industry & Craft

If you’re thinking about opening up a tattoo shop, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the business, even if you’re not going to be the one actually beginner tattoo kit  doing the tattooing. While it’s not necessary to have any experience as a tattoo artist, you should have a solid understanding of the industry as a whole. If you don’t have any experience, consider completing an apprenticeship to ensure that you’re properly trained.

As a non-practicing shop owner, it’s still important to do your research and understand the ins and outs of tattooing. If you’re not experienced, partner up with an experienced tattooist who can help guide you through the process.

Research Local Regulations

If you’re thinking about starting a tattoo business, the first step is to find out about the tattoo business regulations in your area. So before you start advertising your new business, make sure you’re in compliance with all the local laws and regulations!

Begin a Business Plan

Before starting your tattoo studio, you’ll need to create a business plan. This is essential in order to figure out how much money you’ll need to start your business and make future projections. You can find many software programs that will help you create a comprehensive business plan, or you can consult with an accountant.

In addition, there is software available that is specific to tattoo businesses. This type of software can help you track profits and losses, clients, artists, inventory, payroll and all other aspects of the shop. Having this information at your fingertips will be helpful in keeping your business running smoothly.

Find a Location

Choose a location with high foot traffic for your business within the area that your permits allow. Depending on the type of building you choose, you may need to make some changes to better accommodate your artists and equip the facilities accordingly. This might include adding partitions, sinks, plumbing or electrical outlets. If you are renting space, get written permission from the property owner before making any changes, and make sure to acquire all state-required permits.

Work on a Marketing Campaign

Creating an advertising campaign that will attract attention to your tattoo shop is essential to guarantee a steady flow of customers post-grand opening. You should have a strategic marketing plan in place well before the doors open, which can include tactics like distributing fliers, utilizing social media and word-of-mouth marketing, or placing ads on TV and radio. To give your marketing campaign the best chance of success, start implementing these strategies 30 to 60 days before your tattoo shop opens, or as soon as you have set an opening date.

Furnish Your Space

Your work, reception, and office areas will need to be furnished and decorated according to your needs. You will need to buy and install all the necessary furnishings to accommodate your artists and clients. Work areas will include several reclining chairs, similar to dentist’s chairs, tables, lighted tracing tables, supply carts, and large sized mirrors.


The reception areas need a counter or desk, chairs, couches shelves to display “Flash” – basic art designs – and display cases if you are offering body jewelry. The office area generally requires a desk, chair and file cabinets.

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