Home Remedies for Headache

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Home Remedies for Headache

Headaches are a common phenomenon experienced by almost all of us. It can range from being mild to severe. Most headaches are accompanied by acute discomfort throughout the upper portion of the body. There are various kinds of headaches triggered by different reasons like migraine, stress or sinus problem. Here we will look at some of the home remedies for headache.

Headache relief tricks

A headache can make your day unbearably difficult. You may need some instant tricks to get relief from a splitting headache. Let’s look at some of the home remedies for headache:

  • Give some rest to your eyes. Closing your eyes for some time might help you to relax your nerve ends, which will gradually reduce your pain. If you are having a headache caused due to migraines or stress, closing your eyes for as long as possible will help you the most.
  • Lightly massage your forehead, temples, and neck. Headaches caused due to different reasons are experienced in different portions of the head. If you are having a headache induced by migraine, it is possible that you will have pain along the neck region. In such instances, it is advised to gently press or massage the neck area to improve the blood flow. On other occasions, like headache caused due to stress or tension, you may feel pain in the temples or forehead. You can gently massage the area that hurts most to receive instant relief from pain.
  • Keep your neck warm. Try to warm up your neck by putting a heated pad or a warm cloth around it and also near the base of your head. If your headache is caused due to hypertension or stress, this will help your body and mind to calm down and relax.
  • Eat healthy foods regularly. Your eating habits have a huge influence on your headaches and you should be careful about what you eat when you have a headache. The formation of gas inside the body can cause headaches. You can drive them away instantly by consuming a cup of water with a pinch of salt.

Headache relief pressure points

While most of us are familiar with the term ‘pressure points’, many of us have very little knowledge about it. Pressure points are a major part of the Reflexology subject. Reflexology is a Chinese medicinal practice that is decades old.

Reflexology focuses on the study of human organ connectivity inside the body. The detailed study of nerve connectivity to blood and gas flow within the body and many other things comprise Reflexology.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, taking periodical massages can reduce pain and intensity. You can try some of these pressure point techniques for yourself. Some techniques work great as home remedies for headache.

1. The Union Valley

The Union Valley is located on the web-skin of your thumb and index finger. Union valley pressure points can do wonders for headaches. It is the most natural common relief from headaches. You can stimulate this pressure point by firmly pressing the web-skin between your thumb and index finger. Keep in mind not to exert too much pressure. Firm pressure for about ten minutes can bring instant relief from headaches.

2. The Drilling Bamboo

Drilling bamboo pressure points are located on both sides where your nose meets your forehead. Firm pressure for about ten seconds is suggested. Release your pressure and repeat this process every three to four minutes until you feel better. It helps in sinus-related headaches and fatigue.

3. The Gates of Consciousness

Gates of consciousness pressure points are located on the base of your skull where the neck intersects. They are more precisely located in the hollow areas. Once in grip of the technique, apply pressure with your index and middle fingers for about ten seconds. Release the pressure and repeat this process until you feel better.

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Headache remedy food

Headaches are really frustrating. The occasional headaches are not that bad. However, people suffering from chronic headaches and migraines experience discomfort throughout their bodies. This feeling of uneasiness, dizziness, and pain causes extreme strain in your body.

Most people develop headaches from irregular eating habits. This especially happens with the ones who lead a very busy life and are engaged almost throughout the day in their working fields. Irregular eating habits can lead to the formation of acidic gases inside your stomach, which when travels upward towards the brain, causes headaches or migraines.

Therefore, the first remedy to experience less or no headaches, you must follow a healthy diet. Eating timely is important and when you don’t do that your body responds in its natural way. Many studies have proven certain alterations in your diet can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing headaches.

In order to enjoy headache-less days, you must follow the diet regulations strictly. Only when you follow it for a month, will you start to notice the changes for yourself. You should consult your doctor if you suffer from other chronic diseases as well as other dietary suggestions or regulations.

There are studies that have proven that many foods when consumed or added to a regular diet can bring relief from chronic headaches. They can even reduce migraines and their repeating frequency. These foods range from fruits to yogurt. Some of these foods are mostly available in every household and you should be facing any difficulty acquiring them.

We recommend you adding these foods in your diet that will help in reducing headache occurrences and even their duration:

  1. Orange, yellow and green vegetables like carrots and broccoli
  2. Brown rice
  3. Dried or cooked fruits
  4. Watermelon
  5. Baked potato
  6. Yogurt
  7. Spinach salads or green salads

Easy Home Remedies for Headache without medicine

Many of us have a habit of quickly taking a pill whenever we feel sick. Headaches are not generally serious but some chronic conditions and migraines are considered as sickness and can develop gradually. There are many home remedies for headache which you can learn to recover instantly from them without any medication. Some of the useful tips and tricks for headache relief are:

1. Using a Hot Pad

Hot pads are the most common home remedies for headache. If you are experiencing tension and sinus headaches, apply the hot pad on your neck and the affected areas. The hot temperature relieves from headaches and brings comfort. For some people, taking a warm shower will also help in instant headache relief. Periodic usage can reduce headaches.

2. Using a Cold pack

Cold packs are effective for people suffering from migraine pain. You can use any cold object for this. Be it a cloth wrapped with ice-cubes or a pack of frozen peas. Keep the cold object in your forehead for about ten minutes and rest for another ten minutes. Repeat this process until you feel better.

3. Dimming the Lights

Bright lights cause significant damage to your eyes as well as your brain. If you suffer from chronic headaches, it is recommended to cover your windows with dark curtains. You can also wear anti-glare glasses if you work too much on a computer.

4. Ginger is Helpful

Studies have proven that ginger has many therapeutic effects and can also relieve headaches. So, if you have a headache you should try having some ginger. You can brew a cup of ginger tea and drink it without any sweetener. It can drastically reduce your headache within minutes and can even relieve from migraine.

5 tips for instant migraine relief

Migraine gives us an acute headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and other illnesses. It is important to treat migraine headaches as quickly as possible in order to get ahead with the rest of the day or night. Home remedies for headache are the best ways to deal with chronic illnesses like a migraine. Here we will discuss 5 useful tips that can help you with instant relief from migraine pain.

  1. Consume Caffeine: Caffeine is known for reducing headaches, especially if it is migraine. You can drink tea or coffee to find an instant relief to migraine induced headaches. You can also find medicines that contain caffeine and will give you quick relief.
  2. Use Cold Packs: Cold packs are extremely beneficial when you have migraine pain. Placing a cold compress on the forehead for a few minutes might magically reduce migraine pain. You can also wrap ice cubes in a towel and use it in place of a cold pack.
  3. Remove External Pressure from Head: Research has found that tying your hair with a rubber band or a hairband might create external pressure on the head, triggering migraine pain. Let down your horsetail and release the pressure to find quick relief from the pain.
  4. Try Acupressure: Applying gentle and periodic pressure to specific portions of the body helps in easing out the tension between the muscles. This not only reduces pain but also drives away nausea and vomiting tendencies.
  5. Use Lavender Oil: The smell of essential oils like the lavender oil provides instant relief to headaches caused due to stress, tension or migraine. If you are suffering from a chronic issue of migraine, try inhaling lavender oil for reducing the severity of the pain.
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How to cure migraine permanently

Migraine is a chronic neurovascular disorder that can be controlled and made less severe but cannot be cured completely. It is much different from an infection or a tumor, which can be exterminated with the help of antibiotics or surgery. However, the only way to cure migraine permanently is to study the specific symptoms experienced by a patient and using preventative measures to disrupt the attack on a regular basis. Here are a few ways, which can be adopted to prevent the chronic pain of migraines.

  • Botox: Getting regular shots of Botox or onabotulinumtoxinA might help you to control your sickness to a large extent. Botox injections are shot around the head and neck area. If you have symptoms of severe migraine lapsing for over 14 days a month, it is advised to get 31 shots of botox at an interval of 12 weeks.
  • Cefaly: This is a new electrical stimulation device that has been designed to bring relief or prevent the symptoms of migraine. You can wear this device on your forehead like a headband along with a self-adhesive electrode. Connecting the device with the electrode will start the flow of electricity to a particular nerve that triggers migraine pain.
  • CGRP inhibitors: CGRP or Calcitonin gene-related peptide is one of the main reasons that cause migraine pain. New drugs have been invented that slow down the process of CGRP and provide a cure for migraines.
  • Diet Planning: Most migraines are caused due to the improper intake of food and water. In order to cure migraines, it is important to drive away from the mineral imbalance in the body. It is also important to keep your body hydrated.

Easy Ways to Prevent Headaches

While headaches are the most common form of sickness troubling most of us, it also has several home remedies for a headache that are completely natural and easy to follow. Do not let a headache ruin your day’s schedule. Instead, adopt these useful measures that will help you to easily reduce the pain or even keep them from happening.

  • Keep your body adequately hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Consume magnesium in the form of food or oral tablets. The deficiency of magnesium causes headaches due to low blood-sugar or improper nerve transmission.
  • Stay away from alcohol or alcoholic drinks as it can trigger a migraine attack. Alcohol is a common reason for headaches due to vasodilatation or heightened tension.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep regularly as sleep deprivation can cause severe headaches and can trigger other illnesses.
  • Stay away from foods that are high in Histamine, for example, fermented food, cured meat, wine, etc.
Home Remedies for Headache
Home Remedies for Headache