Hilarious Cousins Group Names for WhatsApp

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Cousins Group Names

If you are looking for the hilarious Whatsapp cousins group names, this post can certainly help you. In this post, you can find some humorous names for your group that can give every group member a big laugh. Cousins can be the best friends and the biggest secret keepers. It depends on what kind of chemistry you share with them. If you are running a WhatsApp group as an admin, need laughable cousins group names for it, then navigate through the full post.

Why Do I Even Need A WhatsApp Family Group?

WhatsApp groups can help you to keep connected with your amiable cousins and get all the updates about the family even when you are not around. You will not miss any spicy gossip of the family and share funny pictures of the family. Moreover, you can plan vacations with your cousins in the group and plan the destination, budget, timing, and other essential details. You can make a group to invite them for a special occasion. However, when you create a group, you need to have a catchy name for it. Worry not! You have landed at the right place.

Cousins Group Names

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How Can I Get The Most Precise Yet Funny Group Chat Names For Cousins?

Now that you have made your mind to create a group of your close cousins and thinking of a suitable name for it, we will tell you how. In the first place, you need to be clear with the group’s objective that you are going to create. Based on that, you need to choose among the suitable cousins group names. For instance, if you are planning a trip with your cousins, then the group’s name must depict the nature of the trip. If you want to invite your close and far cousins for a special occasion, then the group name should reveal the event’s nature.


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What Kind Of Group Are You Going To Create?

The cousin groups can vary from boy-specific groups to girl-centric groups. Besides, it can have all your male and female cousins. The names of the group can vary from one situation to another. It is why you need to be cautious and creative at the same time before choosing the name of the group. However, we will guide you with some examples to choose the best cousins group names for your absolute chat destination. Besides, you can change the name of the group on a regular basis to flaunt your wit to your cousins.

Cousins Group Names For The Girl Gang

If you are running a WhatsApp group for the girl’s gang, then you need to think about the girly cousins group names. When the purpose of the group is clear in mind, you can use your creativity to choose a suitable name. Having the best name can make the group funnier, cooler, and full of entertainment. Cousin sisters can communicate freely with each other. So you can choose a light-hearted and funny name for the group. Below are some catchy and hilarious names for the girls WhatsApp group:

Cousins Group Names

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  •         Sisters By Heart
  •         Turtley Awesome Cousins
  •         Soul Sisters
  •         Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts
  •         Meow Cousins
  •         My Best Witches
  •         Girls Blood Bond
  •         Yo-Yo Sisters
  •         Cousin’s Dominion
  •         Cursing Cousin Sisters
  •         Gossip Queens
  •         Best Sisters
  •         Mean Cuties
  •         Powerpuff Girls
  •         My Dear Sister

Boy’s Group Names For Cousins

If you are mind storming over a name for your boy’s troupe, then you can be a little aggressive as compared to the girls. For instance, you can name it “Kick-Ass Boys.” When you share a lot of fun with your cousin brothers, why not have some with the name of the group. You can phrase the name of the group on your own. However, you can get the idea from the below-given list to start having fun in your chat group. Find below:

Cousins Group Names

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  •         Throwback Crew
  •         The Bad Apples
  •         The Troublemakers
  •         Harassing Cousins
  •         Soy Awesome Cousins
  •         Weed Brothers
  •         The DysFUNctional Crew
  •         My Bros
  •         The Inspired Cousins Troop
  •         Obnoxious Together
  •         Staying Mischievous
  •         Weekend kings
  •         Anarchy With The Cousins
  •         Brothers & Brothers
  •         Chats with Brats

Names That Can Work For Both

A family cousin group can have both girls and boys, but you need to be very cautious that the group name should be suitable for both. It should not be girly or boyish, but there should be a common link in the cousins group names that can connect the cousins. Below are some good names you can select for your family cousins:

Cousins Group Names

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  •         Cousins World
  •         The Cousin Gang
  •         Cousin Rants
  •         Always together
  •         What’s Up Cuz?
  •         The Cuz Buzz
  •         Brothers and Sisters
  •         Eggcellent Cousins
  •         Cousin Love
  •         Cousin Quarrel Anatomy
  •         Cousin’s Colony
  •         We Are Family
  •         Family Gang
  •         Cousin Everywhere
  •         Cousins Always Together

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing The Cousins Group Names

When choosing the names for the cousins groups, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid any conflicts. Check the below-given list:

  • First of all, you need to ensure that every one of your cousins has the same level of sense of humor. If not, it is better to go with a safe option for naming the group.
  • Make sure that you are not very offensive, sarcastic when choosing the name.
  • Ensure that the name is not bad-tempered or irritable. However, it depends on the type of bond you share with your cousins.
  • You may add a geographical element to the group if you are living in the same city. It can provide the name with a unique identity.
  • Last but not least, you can take suggestions from everyone in the group before finalizing it.

Considering these important points can make your group a perfect place for cousin’s fun.

Final Words

Now that you have already navigated through the list of the cousins group names, have fun with it or suggest it to your friends. If you find the names exciting and hilarious, you may keep changing the name of the group every week without letting anyone know about it. They will surely be impressed with your wit. If you like reading this post on cousins group names, then stay connected for more interesting articles.

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