30 Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos By Adrian Bascur

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Adrian Bascur is kicking some serious ass when it comes to watercolor tattoos. He is phenomenal, and his watercolor tattoos are something completely out of this world. Not only are their colors mesmerising, but he uses bold black outlines which give his watercolor tattoos an epic touch.

Adrian is a Chilean watercolor tattoo guru who has taken over our hearts and skin with his stupendous creations. He loves the cosmos, animals and nature. We love everything about him. Not only is he a watercolor tattoo master, he has found a way to make those lines last longer, with out fading as quick as any other average watercolor tattoo. I strongly recommend you follow Adrian on Instagram or Facebook so as not to miss out on his fabulous watercolor tattoos. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This gorgeous cherry blossom watercolor tattoo.



2. This perfect little diamond watercolor tattoo.



3. This fabulous dreamcatcher tattoo.



4. This amazing blue wings tattoo.



5. This lovely fox watercolor tattoo.



6. This superb Moon watercolor tattoo.



7. This brilliant flower tattoo.



8. This geometric wave tattoo.



9. This impressive galaxy owl tattoo.



10. This captivating giraffe tattoo.


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