Getting a Tattoo? Here Are A Few Important Things to Consider

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Getting a Tattoo

We all once in our lifetime have thought about getting a tattoo image. That feeling of standing on your ground and living the life on yourterms draws us towards getting inked. Now, getting inked is not that easy. You might have a bloomy image of getting a tattoo, but it is trickier than you think.

One needs to keep a lot of factors in mind before getting tattooed for the first time. To simplify your doubts about tattooing, we have a list out some important things to consider before you make the final decision. 


Pain is one of the most important factors which encircles around the tattoo process. The process of tattooing involves needles inserting through your skin to ink it. The people who tell that they haven’t experienced pain the process is either lying or must have a small one-inch tattoo on their wrist.

You need to decide which place you will like to get tattooed, where you can bear the pain. You need to know about the most and least painful places for a tattoo in the body. By knowing all the painful places, you can take your final decision. 

But, if you are someone who hasa fear of needles or blood or can’t withstand pain, then you need to think hard before getting a tattoo image.


The next thing which is important while having your body tattooed is the design. Never rush yourself into choosing a design. Let’s face it, tattoos are permanent and will be there with you, your whole life. By selecting a design after considering all the factors, will save you from regretting the decision later. 

Research about the different design which suits your persona. Look at the internet for different types of designs. You can even ask the tattoo artist for their recommendations and suggestions. Select the design which makes you feel satisfied, it doesn’t matter if others don’t get it. If you love the design it’s all you need.

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Tattoo Placement

Choosing a design and its placement is a parallel process. Certain designs best fit in some specific body parts. Size of the design plays a prominent role in tattoo placement. For a tattoo design with a landscape,the view needs a wider area such as the upper back. While you can easily fit in a portrait on the triceps.

If you don’t want to flaunt your tattoo around and just need to be it a private thing. Then you can consider places which are hidden under the clothes. For those who want to flaunt their tattoo, should consider forearms and hands for getting inked. While selecting the tattoo placement, always keep pain factor in mind.

Reason for getting one

There are various reasons behind people opting for getting inked. Some just appreciate the form of art and some get tattooed to showcase their love and affection towards someone. Some use it as a medium to stand for a cause or a rebellion. And there some who simply thinks it is cool to get inked. 

Whatever your reason might be, always ask yourself, why you want one? You don’t have to explain yourself emotionally or sentimentally, but the reason should be strong enough to stand by it in the long haul. By getting tattooed you are committing to something for the long run, so before investing your time, energy, and money, think thoroughly about your decision. 

Skin Allergies

A tattoo is done on your skin and it is important to consider the possibility of skin allergies. If you already have some known skin allergy, consult your doctor first. Ask them whether getting inked is a good idea or not. You don’t know how your skin will react to the inserted ink, and the doctor can help you out by providing proper information. This is one of the few important things you need to know before you get your first tattoo.

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Now, there are different kinds of allergies involved with tattoos. The most common one is skin irritation or itchiness once the tattoo is applied. You can also encounter some sort of swelling or rashes on your skin. While getting tattooed you can look for some unusual signs and call for an immediate timeout for examining the reaction. If not comfortable put your towel down.

Sanitation of Equipment and Shop

It doesn’t matter whether it is a home tattoo service or in a tattoo shop, proper sanitation of all the tattoo equipment is important. Which needles they use, do they reuse them or throw them, etc. It is better to be thorough with your concerns as there are many artists do not properly clean their equipment.

See where the needles are stored assess the safety measures taken by the tattoo artist. You can easily contract diseases from uncleaned equipment and shop hygiene. Thus, it is important to keep the cleanliness factor in mind. If you are satisfied with all the concerned points, you can move forward with your inking procedure. 


Getting a tattoo image is a big decision to make and you simply can’t wake up one fine day and get yourself inked. The above-mentioned pointers will help you out keeping yourself from harm’s way. It will make sure that you won’t regret your decision. 

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