Geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch

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We have shown you hundreds of amazing and cool tattoos. It is no surprise that you are starting to think that we can’t amaze you anymore. However, this time you are wrong because we want to introduce you with amazing geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch.

Geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch are just something remarkable and extraordinary. Trust us, even people who do not like tattoos will find the artist’s work amazing.

If you love simple yet highly detailed and meaningful ink work, geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch is definitely something that you are looking for. For example, tattoos representing wolf, owl, and bear images will just take your breath away. Check our gallery if you can’t wait to see more amazing geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch!

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peter aurisch tattoo open head brain birdpeter aurisch tattoo black crowspeter aurisch tattoo owlpeter aurisch tattoo red geometric rosepeter aurisch tattoo bear headpeter aurisch tattoo windmillpeter aurisch tattoo skull pipepeter aurisch tattoo geometric girl on armpeter aurisch tattoo girl face heart in headpeter aurisch geometric bear on upper armpeter aurisch tattoo wolf and woman leg tattoopeter aurisch tattoo jellyfish arm tattoopeter aurisch tattoo fish pipe butterflies rising sunpeter aurisch tattoo cow playingpeter aurisch tattoo man with moustachepeter aurisch tattoo elephantpeter aurich tattoo portray with ship cutting birds wingpeter aurisch tattoo man with pipepeter aurisch tattoo rabbits on arms
Geometric tattoos by Peter Aurisch