Fractal tattoo

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If you are tired of some casual tattoos of butterflies and birds, we have some amazing solution for you. Why don’t you look at some amazing fractal tattoo? Trust us, you will love it!

However, if you do not know what a fractal tattoo is, we are here to explain you. Fractals are usually related to geometry, however, nowadays it has become an amazing part of art. And that is how amazing fractal tattoo appeared! It is associated with perfect harmony and symmetry, that is why it is loved by so many people!

During past few years, a simple fractal tattoo has become an amazing example of how tattoo art can become even more detailed than it was thought years ago. What is more, it really does look amazing and powerful; any kind of fractal tattoo is usually a big one rather than the small one. If you liked the idea, check our gallery for more designs!

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Fractal tattoo