Features of a Zorb ball you should know

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A Zorb ball is getting very popular. Zorbing sport has become a craze all over the world. This sport started in New Zealand, and people are zorbing worldwide.

A Zorbing ball is a large sphere made for people to get inside it and enjoy zorbing. In this article, we will look at the prominent features of zorbing balls.

What is a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a large inflated bubble-like ball that can roll across different surfaces smoothly. The rolling ball can easily fit a person inside. The ball is made of plastic.

Zorb balls have two balls; one fits inside the other. This construction makes the rolling experience very smooth.

How does it work?

The zorbing ball works on the basic principle of physics. A smooth small ball is placed inside the big ball that becomes in contact with the outer surface. When the person inside the ball rolls forward, the outer ball

circulates over the outer surface. However, the inner ball slides and keeps the person inside the ball in the same standing-up situation.

Features of a Zorb ball

Here are some features of a rolling ball that you should be aware of. This will help you understand the functions, working, and construction of Zorbing balls. You can use this information to make a more qualified decision when you go into the market to purchase a zorbing ball.

1. Rolling mechanism

The zorbing ball works on a very simple rolling principle. These balls can roll forward on different surfaces. With the help of a little push, the ball can start zorbing. It is like a tennis ball that rolls on the ground or a soccer ball that keeps rolling after you kick it. The person inside the ball can also lean forward and use their body weight to facilitate the zorbing.

2. Sliding balls

Zorbing balls have two sliding balls where one encapsulates the other. The outer ball is made to roll on the ground. However, the inner ball also acts as a stationary surface and lets the outer ball roll over it smoothly; this allows the inner ball which holds the person to stay in place.

3. Ball bearings

Some zorbing balls have small ball bearing between the outer and inner balls, which allow these balls to move over one another with almost zero friction and resistance.

4. Plastic outer body

The zorbing ball is made of plastic which has several advantages. It is also a cheaper and lighter material as compared to others. This material is weather-resistant and does not degrade or deteriorate over time.

Many zorbing balls use PVC material which is more durable and resistant.

5. Water zorbing

The construction of a zorb ball is done so that it offers a very large surface area and less weight which results in less density. Due to this lower density, the zorbing balls can easily float over water. People are enjoying water zorbing due to this amazing feature.

6. Lightweight

Zorbing balls are made out of very light zorbing materials; these materials allow people to lift a zorb ball very easily. This lightweight also offers faster and smoother zorbing experiences. As one can imagine, a heavier ball requires more force to roll down a surface.

7. Easy to carry

Zorb balls can be reduced to small packages once the air is blown out of them. Hence, it is easier for people to move around with a small zorbing ball.

8. Inflatable

Like a tire, people can use a machine to fill up their zorbing balls.

9. Harnessed zorbing balls

Harnessed zorbing balls are more secure for people. The harnesses are just like small seat belts, ensuring that the person stays in their position even when there is a bumpy road ahead.

10. Non-harnessed balls

Non-harnessed zorbing balls do not have the harnesses to tie the person to the place. This feature offers are wilder and faster experience for people.

11. Large space inside the ball

There is sufficient space inside a zorbing ball to fit multiple people inside. If you want to share this experience with your friend or friends, you can purchase a zorbing ball that comes with a larger space inside the ball.

12. Low maintenance

Zorbing balls are essentially just big balls of plastic, so you don’t have to do any work to keep them in good condition; just go a little easier, and you will be fine.

13. Longer life span

A zorbing ball does not have a specific or claimed life span. However, these can last quite a lot of time before you notice any wear and tear.

14. Durable

The material that is used to make zorbing balls is strong and resistant. It can bear a lot of bumps and collisions without any marks or damage.

15. Water-resistant

The zorbing balls are water-resistant in two ways; you can use them underwater and over water. Let us explain; the construction is done so that there is no way for water to enter inside the ball when it is raining. Additionally, for water zorbing enthusiasts, water is also unable to enter inside the ball if it is rolling over the water.

16. Smooth outer surface

The outer surface of the balls is usually made smooth. This offers a very frictionless and seamless zorbing experience overground.

17. Calculated curvature

The curvature of the ball is precisely measured, which ensures that the ball keeps rolling once it starts. The person inside the ball has to tip forward a little, and the ball gets in the state of motion.

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Zorbing balls are a very creative and innovative invention. Our article is an extensive guide for you if you want to know about the neat little features that make a zorbing ball great. If you want to purchase a zorb ball for yourself, head over to the website of Kameymall and buy a rolling ball that suits you.

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