Dave Grohl Feather Tattoo

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Remarkable Dave Grohl's Feather tattoo Design

Dave Grohl was so much obsessed with Bohman because of which when the time came to get his first tattoo then he thought to pay the tribute to the same person. 

He basically paid tribute to Bohman by inking his skin with some homemade ink in the style of bohman itself by making 3 rings. 

Generally, there are 3 dave grohl tattoos in total. The very first one he did himself at the home with the homemade ink on the skin for giving the tribute to the Bohman. After this second tattoo he got from an illegal squatter in Amsterdam and at that particular time he was on the tour with the D.C. punk legends as the teenagers time. 

Then lastly the third tattoo he got the zeppelin tattoo, which was there with the courtesy of the first member and check of the nirvana. He was a storyteller also.

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Remarkable Dave Grohl's Feather tattoo Design