Dallas Jewelries: 8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Wholesale Diamond

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When purchasing diamonds make sure to do your part as a buyer even before checking in on several jewelry stores. By doing so you can get the finest diamond you can get. Diamonds are pricey therefore you should do your part to get your money’s worth. Opting for wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas, TX is a good choice since they are affordable. Here are 8 questions to ask before buying a wholesale diamond. 

1. Do You Sell 100% Natural Diamonds?

Some jewelry stores sell lab-grown diamonds so asking them if they sell natural diamonds can create a more understanding conversation with your diamond seller. Wholesale natural diamonds are more affordable than retail price but always verify on the ricing to know if the diamond you are about to buy is authentic. Be familiar with the average market pricing of wholesale diamonds so you can have an idea of what prices to expect and if the seller is giving you the right price. 

2. Are your Diamond certified?

Retail or wholesale diamonds should come with certification when purchase. Diamonds are evaluated according to their attributes and once done by reputable laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America, certificates are issued. So when buying diamonds always ask for certifications. If the seller can not give one then that will be a red flag. The certificate shows your diamond’s properties and will be your proof for your purchase. 

3. Do You Have A Return Policy?

When buying diamonds ask about their return policy. Just in case you want to return the item for some reason that is included in the return policy of course. Then you can easily return it. It is important to ask this question since there are unexpected events that may arise which result in returning the ring. In this case, there will be no hassle on both parties if the return policy was discussed well upon purchasing the diamonds. 

4. Do you have an Exchange Policy?

Apart from return policies, exchange policies should also be discussed. In situations when you want to exchange the diamonds you ought then you will have issues changing them to other diamonds you prefer. So knowing the exchange policy is important when purchasing a wholesale diamond. 

5. What are the Payment Plans you Offer? 

Diamonds are pricey, that’s why knowing the payment plans can make it convenient for you. Ask the options so you know how to prepare your payment if you have to bring cash with you or the card is fine. Most jewelers offer more payment options to accommodate more customers.


6. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Knowing how old their business is in dealing with diamonds can help you have peace of mind that you are indeed dealing with a reputable store. Otherwise, their store won’t last long if they don’t deal well with their customers and if their diamonds are not good. Businesses that are established are good choices when buying wholesale diamonds. 


7. Do you sell Diamonds in sets?

Asking this question will give you a clearer view of whether the price offered refers to the diamond only or if the cost covers all the stones and the settings. Since some wholesale diamonds mainly sell diamonds alone, asking can clarify things before purchasing. 


8. What are the Cuts you Offer?

Asking them the variety they offer can help you decide if you will be buying from them since they have the cut you wanted. Setting on the attributes of the diamonds you want to buy can help you decide which jewelry store to buy them from since you know exactly what you are looking for. 

These 8 questions to ask before buying a wholesale diamond can help you find the right diamond seller to deal with. Having an idea about diamonds and policies can help you get the best deal and be able to purchase the high-quality diamond that you desire. Diamonds are expensive and it is just right for you to do your own research about the diamond dealer you will be buying from. Be a wise buyer by having basic knowledge about wholesale diamonds and pretty sure your transaction will run smoothly. So pick your jeweler and start asking those questions so you can buy your diamonds at the right price and right place. 


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