5 Benefits of Personalized Rubber Stamps for Your Business

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L.F. Witherell is credited as the inventor of rubber stamps, which he claimed to have created in 1866. Though they may appear dated to some, this technology that is now 150 years old is just as useful today as it was when first invented. Below are some ways a rubber stamp can help your business.

Organize and Label Paperwork

In spite of virtually all business documents being computer-based, most companies still handle a lot of printed paper. In fact, there’s more than ever since computers took over. Keeping all that paperwork organized can be challenging.

There’s nothing worse than pulling a piece of paper out of a file and not knowing what the status is.

Have we paid this invoice? Was this contract faxed to the client yet? Is this the original document or a copy?

Business rubber stamps can easily solve these problems. Some of the most commonly-used stamps are simple one-word identifiers like paid, faxed, and copy. These stamps make it easy to see the status of any document at a glance.

While you could make notes on the document by hand, using a stamp has the advantage of being able to be read by anyone. If you’re stamping a stack of paper, each will be as clear as the last. This is unlikely to be the case if someone is writing everything by hand.

Rubber Stamps Save Time

If you’ve ever had to work your way through a large stack of documents, signing each one as you go, you know how long it can take. Not to mention the hand cramps you’ll likely experience by the time you’re halfway through.

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One of the most useful personalized rubber stamps is a signature stamp. You send a copy of your signature to the stamp company and they duplicate it onto the stamp. Now instead of having to sign the entire stack of documents, you can stamp them with your signature. You’ll save time and the last one will be just as clear as the first.

Using a rubber stamp with your signature on it can be a helpful way to save time when you need to sign documents. You can have someone else you trust use the stamp for you, so that you can focus on more important tasks. Just be sure that you pick someone you can truly rely on – they could technically sign anything with your name on it.

Marketing and Brand Awareness

A rubber stamp with your company’s logo or slogan is an easy way to “brand” any document. You can add your logo or tagline to the top of your letters without buying custom letterhead. You can also customize stamps the outside of every envelope you send to clients. You could create a stamp that says “Follow us!” with a list of your company’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Or put a call to action with a “link” to your website.

You could create custom stamps for your customers or clients that feature your company’s name, logo, or tagline. The stamps could be for common types of correspondence, like paid, copied, or faxed. This way, every time they use the stamp, not only will they see your name, but any of their clients could also see it.

Fewer Misunderstandings

Using a rubber stamp can help prevent misunderstandings at your company. If people are making notes on documents by hand, the note may be hard to read. If they’re in a rush or have been writing all day, their handwriting might suffer. When someone else looks at that document, it might be hard to puzzle out what it says.

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A rubber stamp also standardizes how documents are updated. Everyone who uses the stamp will be updating it with the same thing. If they’re writing the notes by hand, you could end up with many variations that aren’t always clear.

Stamps Can Save Money

Rubber stamps can save you a lot of money in the long run. Custom forms and printing your own documents can get pretty pricey, especially if you’re using a lot of ink for something like a logo. With a stamp, you just need to buy an ink pad which is way more affordable.

If you’re constantly having to make changes to your documents, it’ll be a lot easier on you if you use stamps instead of printing new forms every time. That way, you won’t have to throw away or recycle all the old ones.

Some Technology Never Goes Out of Date

Technology is always changing, and that can be tough for businesses. Computers get faster, software gets new features, and cell phones get constant updates. That means that older technology gets replaced by newer, more efficient tools. You don’t see many typewriters or mimeograph machines in modern offices.

But every once in a while, a technology comes along that has longevity. Rubber stamps are one of those technologies. They’ve been working hard in businesses for a century and a half and there’s no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.

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5 Benefits of Personalized Rubber Stamps for Your Business