Creative Casino Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Love of Gambling

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Tattoos hold great importance to those who have them. Some serve as a reminder, others share a message, and there are the ones that demonstrate the person’s biggest passions. One of the most popular tattoo trends today is gambling designs. Casino tattoo designs capture the person’s spirit for taking risks, come in different shapes and styles, and share diverse messages.

An image can tell a thousand words. Similarly, the right tattoo can be more expressive than whole sentences, which is why people use them to share their passions. If you are a NZ gambler who’s passionate about playing at the best real money casinos, the popular ‘life is a gamble’ trend is perfect for you.

Whether you spend your time in brick-and-mortar casinos or enjoy those grand bonus offers at trending online casinos in New Zealand from, choosing a tattoo that presents your favorite pastime is a great idea. With that in mind, this article will explore the perfect gambler tattoo ideas and designs for online casino gamblers. You can use this as an inspiration for your next tattoo, one that you can show to your peers and, who knows, maybe even source some luck in it.

Historical Meaning: From NZ Maori Tribes to Modern-Day Gambling Themed Tattoos

Luck symbols are present all throughout history. In every culture, people have been marking themselves with a symbol that represents luck to them. Whether it was for playing at a casino or another endeavor, people have been using lucky tattoos for a long time now.

If we look back at New Zealand’s history, this predates hundreds of years. Take, for instance, the tiki, an important talisman used by the Maori people. Various forms of tiki were used to achieve different goals, starting with the hei tiki used for luck. In the Gottfried Lindauer’s painting below, you’ll find a Maori woman wearing a hei-tiki around her neck. This is her good luck charm.

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Today, people do more than wear their symbols as accessories. People are in constant search for a bit of luck which, in the world of gambling, equals high payouts and a fortune. Today’s gamble tattoo designs are in ink, perfectly drawn on the person, and show the person’s belief called ‘life is a gamble’.

Classic and Creative Casino Tattoo Ideas

To help you make up your mind about the type of tattoo you’ll get, we created this short guide.

The Location for Placing the Tattoo

For starters, you should decide where you want to place the tattoo. This will determine its size to begin with. Here are some good options for gambling-themed tattoos:

  •       Wrist – to look at while playing
  •       Ankle – small, yet  meaningful art that doesn’t make the statement too bold
  •       Arm sleeve, back or chest piece – if you want to be bold and want more space for a bigger tattoo
  •       Leg tattoo – if you want more space and a tattoo that lasts longer (movement doesn’t rub off its ink as fast as with an arm tattoo)
  •       Neck tattoo – if you want your tattoo to be always visible (not as easy to conceal as arms and legs and chest)
  •       Shoulder tattoo – to show your commitment to taking risks

Some Tattoo Ideas

The most popular symbols seen on casino tattoos are cards and dice. You can also see some tattoos with a roulette wheel, or the symbols on a slot machine such as 7s and fruits.

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In most cases, you’ll find tattoos with cards or dice – or a combination of the two. Let’s take a look at some examples.

First is a tattoo that combines dice and the Skull of Ace.


The scull and the rose showcase the calculated moves of a smart gambler. This tattoo is a courageous symbol of a mysterious player that takes unexpected, smart risks when gambling.

Let’s now take a look at a cards tattoo.

Also placed on the arm, this tattoo shows the most popular design form. If you love taking risks and would like to express your passion, you can ink cards stacked together. Let’s say that you are a poker fan – then a royal flush might just be the perfect image for you.

The Importance of Finding the Right NZ Artist

The quality of your tattoo as well as how long it will stay as it is depends on who makes it. There are many artists, especially now with the great popularity of tattoo culture. Even though it costs more to make yours at the best-ranked tattoo artists, this is something to consider. A tattoo is for life, so you definitely don’t want to ruin it just to save some money.

Good artists have impressive portfolios and satisfied clients, so do your research to see who pushes the boundaries and creates the best tattoos in your area.





Creative Casino Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Love of Gambling