Crafting your first trading plan like a pro

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We always have a certain plan while we are growing up like graduating, getting a job, getting married, starting a family, and many more. It is because we know being without a plan is like a ship without a sail. A ship without a sail cannot move in a particular direction. It always roams around in circles. Our lives without plans are pretty the same as that. When we don’t have a plan, we don’t have any goal to achieve, our lives become aimless and worthless. And we all agree that there is nothing more trivial than a worthless life. For that reason, having a first trading plans in life is very important. It makes our lives more organized and meaningful. It sets our lives in a systematic pattern so we know which route to take while walking.

The importance of trading plans while trading is nothing less than its significance in our lives. A trading plan is an essential surviving tool in trading. If you ever come to know about the trading methods of successful traders, you will see that all of them have adopted the right trading plan. Research says that investors without a plan find the trading market more complex than the traders with trading plans. 

A trading plan has tons of advantages and not a single disadvantage to name to date.

  • It gives a detailed outline of all the works that needs to be done.
  • The most important tasks get priority when a plan is set.
  • It cancels out the less important and unnecessary tasks so that traders don’t divert their attention.
  • A trading plan makes the works more organized and time friendly.
  • Once a trader gets used to his trading plan, he gains more confidence to carry out his duties.

Therefore, it is needless to say how important it is to have a trading plan in your trading plan. Having a good trading plan is like having a reliable assistant to help you carry out your works. It is also considered as one of the biggest reasons behind winning deals in trading. Visit Saxo markets and see the post from the successful trader and get a general idea about a professional approach to trading.

So, if you like to dream big and you are ambitious, then as an amateur trader in the United Kingdom, you should start sketching out your plan. Your plan can be inspired by any other trader or personalized; it doesn’t matter. As long as it works for you, it is a good one.

A good plan always has some distinct features. Here are some of them.

Table of Contents

Creating your trading plan

When you are building your first trading plan, it should be made in a way that fits your trading type. There is no use in a plan which doesn’t go with your work style. So, figure out your trading style based on your financial capability and resource, then input them in building your plan.

Include strategies

A plan is roughly the detailed outlines of your activities. Whereas strategies are the methods that a trader applies to yield a maximum profit by reducing loss. So, you must come up with good strategies to use in your trading and include them in your trading.

Money management

Money management is a basic tool that a trader should know to keep a track of his money. Without proper money management, traders often make mistakes in calculating which can cause a big turn-off while trading. So, make sure you are creating space for money management in your first trading plan.

Keep a trading journal

Winning a trade while losing another is a common scenario in trading. So, we encourage our trader to always maintain a trading journal where all the details of the previous trades should be noted down. The journal should contain the reasons behind the failure of a trade as well as the strategies used to win a trade. So, when you are evaluating your trades you can come up with your strengths and weakness which you can use in your upcoming trades.

Since developing a portfolio is an important part of the trading market, it is a good aspect to include in your first trading plan. And when you are done building your trading plan, don’t forget to implement it properly!

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