Competitive Exams and their Importance!

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Competitive Exams are a part and parcel of every student/aspirant’s life. These tests make up for a large part of their potential career, and the life they will lead in the future. And with the complete study material aligning with the ssc cgl syllabus, GATE syllabus, and others, available at our fingertips, the means to make it big are easily accessible.

While the method to crack such exams might have changed, the competition however,  is also increasing at an exponential rate every day. Lakhs of students are preparing for days at a stretch to compete for a handful of job vacancies and/or college seats. It is easy to overlook the hard work that is put in by every serious aspirant if he or she fails to score the desired marks, and that’s all because of the abundance of people waiting in line.

But all is not dark when it comes to the competitive exams domain. Being a part of a larger crowd who share the same vision as you and evaluating where you stand among them, is something that leaves long lasting learnings as well. On that note, let’s get to know the significance of competitive exams and how they affect change at early stages of life.

  • Early Exposure to Competition: When a student sits for a nationwide or statewide examination, he/she competes with a vast number of like-minded individuals. And through such competition, students can evaluate their degree of performance and work towards bettering themselves. Moreover, knowing where you stand amongst your competitors will help you recalibrate your strategy to a point where it’s perfect for preparation. This will also build some much-needed self-awareness which comes in handy during interviews and decision-making later on in life.
  • Development of Logical, Analytical Thinking: Cracking competitive exams requires speed and accuracy, both of which have to be taken care of under immense exam stress and pressure. Operating under such circumstances makes you more vigilant and quick on your feet. The decisions you make while attempting the question paper are duly reflected in your results. Such intense and up-close exposure to the exam atmosphere develops IQ and builds a strong foundation for your career.
  • Deeper Knowledge & Clarity: While preparing for competitive exams, aspirants tend to develop a sense of expertise towards certain subjects. They are able to identify their areas of interest along with studying it thoroughly. Such deeper insights go a long way in defining one’s career choices and disciplines. And we all know, knowledge once acquired, never goes to waste.
  • No Drawbacks Whatsoever: There is a pretty common misconception that competitive exams hamper regular studies. If anything, such papers teach us to manage our time well and at the same time, prepare us for the real competition that awaits us out there. These are early steps that basically articulate your journey towards success and life-long self-discipline. The results boost our morale or leave us with essential learnings for our future. Both of which are equally vital for us to do well, and face life’s adversities head on.
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As the name suggests, competitive exams hone us for competition and persuade us to practise harder. For instance, the ssc cgl admit card prohibits any use of calculators or gadgets inside the exam hall. All we’re left with is our brain’s agility acquired through rigorous practise.

Moreover, they open up gates to various sectors through job vacancies or college seats, and eventually, a stable and secure career, which is within an arm’s reach once we crack the question paper. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to start early and fail early, so that when the real moment arrives, you are ready with a tested and proven version of yourself.

Competitive Exams and their Importance
Med School Personal Statement