Choosing The Right Internet Provider For Your Business

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Right Internet Provider

One of those lazy Sunday mornings I was sitting comfortably on my couch watching an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where the guys were brainstorming ideas for an invention so they could start up a business before Howard becomes a father in the near future. Now, this got me thinking about ideas for my own business if I were to start one, what would be the most crucial things to consider for right internet provider?

While an office space, utility bills, taxes, etc. were the first few things that came to mind, it was the availability of a suitable spectrum internet plans that had me pull out my research guns and get on with it. After hours of that beautiful Sunday morning spent looking through various provider websites and comparing several packages, I figured out that there are 6 things that you should definitely consider before subscribing to any provider.

1.Business Internet

First and foremost, make sure that you enquire about business internet providers and not residential. Business internet plans with their higher download/upload speeds are built to cater to the larger number of people and the enormous load of work to be done over the internet, unlike residential internet plans which are for a family’s personal use only.

2. Availability

The next thing would be to look for internet providers serving in your area. There are many big names in the market like Spectrum, AT&T and Frontier but does it really matter how big they are if they don’t have coverage in your area? So, before you go ahead and spend hours at length finding out everything about a provider, make sure you enter your street address and zip code to confirm what exactly is available for you.

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3. Type

Different types of internet include DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, and Satellite. If you’re planning to set up business in an urban area you may have the liberty to choose whichever type of internet you want and like. Although, businesses in rural areas may have satellite as their only option. Satellite internet is the slowest of the lot, with DSL and Cable next in line and Fiber-Optic on top.

4. Speed

This seems like a given, but if you’re anything like me you might have a hard time figuring this out. Yes, I’ve always known that the faster the internet the better but until recently I did not know a very important difference between business and residential internet plans. I kept wondering why I would need a business internet plan if I can easily get a residential internet connection. Turns out that not only the download speeds for business plans are higher but so are the upload speeds. While higher download speeds help you surf the internet in a jiffy, higher upload speeds make everyday document sending, video conferencing, or image sharing a breeze. It is ideal to have matching download and upload speeds but if not possible try to go for the highest available plan for your budget.

5. Price

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting the internet for home or business, and that it’s the highest download/upload speed available in the country, if it’s not affordable it won’t make sense. Always compare prices for all the providers available in your area to ensure you get the best deal for your budget. Keep in mind that all providers have different pricing structures so be very sure to ask if prices include taxes and fees, equipment rental, installation, etc.

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6. Data Caps

Most providers would mention on their websites if there is any data limit applicable or not. Although, if there’s nothing mentioned then make sure you ask before signing up for a plan. A data cap may be acceptable at home where you can limit your usage accordingly but you don’t want to be running around not knowing what the problem is when office work comes to a stop. It would be best to have an unlimited data plan but if that’s not possible then get the highest data cap.

The above are just a few important things I found out while locating an internet provider near me during one of my short but recurring episodes of “What If I Were A Business Woman?” I still do not have any idea what sort of business I will set up but I’m sure you’re nothing like me and have got that sorted already. So, I hope I have helped you in finding out the best internet plan and I wish you all the best for your business.

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