Choose The Best Surgical Isolation Gowns During Covid-19

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Choose The Best Surgical Isolation Gowns During Covid-19

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), surgical isolation gowns are mandatory for health workers because they can get affected by biological fluids transmitted from the patients. Health workers have to work in a risky environment, and they can get involved by virus types such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus, Ebola, and Covid-19. Microorganisms transferred by blood and body fluids can spread germs, and people associated with the healthcare institutes should wear some protective gear such as surgical gowns, coveralls, and isolation gowns.

There are different types of surgical isolation gowns available in the market, and you can find a few examples here: 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Nowadays, people are using such PPE kits to protect themselves from coronavirus. But PPE surgical isolation gowns cannot provide whole body protection, and you can find the opening at the backside of these gowns. 
  • Coveralls gowns: These are the best surgical isolation gowns available in the market, and they can provide 360-degree protection. You can cover your whole body, including neck, back, and legs, with these gowns. 
  • Surgical gowns: Surgical gowns are very common, and they are mostly made of cotton. Doctors and health workers dealing with critical care patients mostly use these gowns. These gowns are also used in the operation theatre. But such surgical gowns cannot provide full-body protection like Coveralls gowns. 
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How would you choose the best surgical isolation gowns? 

best surgical isolation

There are three primary factors that you need to consider while you choose the surgical isolation gowns. Read the following factors to choose the best gowns according to your needs: 

  • Purpose: You must first decide your purpose of use. Surgical isolation gowns are the preferred PPE clothing, and you must choose the best gown which can cover your full body. For example, you should choose gowns that prevent arm contamination, and it should fit comfortably over your body. It must cover your body, including the torso and hands. You can choose long sleeves gown in this regard. 
  • Materials: Most of the surgical gowns are made of cotton. You can also find some cheap gowns made of synthetic material. If you want to save from fluid penetration, then you must choose a gown which has fluid-resistant capacity. 
  • Cleaning: Make sure that these gowns are made of very good material, and at the same time, it is important that it must be cleaned regularly, thereby ensuring complete hygiene. If you want to use your gowns for isolation, then you need to sterile your gown every day. 

Best surgical isolation gowns during Covid-19

isolation gowns during Covid-19

In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, FDA authorized emergency use of protective gowns and allowing health workers to use some unapproved items. Due to inadequate supply, health care workers can use some conductive shoes, shoe covers, surgical apparel accessories, surgical isolation gown, surgical helmets, and operating room shoe covers for their personal protection.  

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Covid-19 is a life-threatening disease, and people can suffer from respiratory problems if they get affected by this virus. Microorganisms, bodily fluids, and cough can carry this virus, and you cannot protect yourself from this disease. Millions of people have died from Covid-19, and we do not have any vaccine for this virus. Doctors and other health workers have to work round the clock to treat such patients. The surgical isolation gowns are the line of the barrier, which prevents the virus from penetrating the body of the healthcare workers. Hence, choosing the best surgical isolation gown becomes paramount. It is mandatory for health workers. 

To choose the best surgical isolation gown, you can search for them online. There are some cheap quality gowns available, and you can check their reviews to know about their features. If the gowns are certified by the competent authority, then you can use them for your personal use. 

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Choose The Best Surgical Isolation Gowns During Covid-19