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Japanese watches are timeless, elegant, and unique. In comparison to Swiss watch brands Rolex and Omega are favorite of James Bond movies — Japanese watches are more intimate and accessible. Known for their i0mpressive design AND affordability, watches made in Japan are extremely sought-after. From the Seiko brand popular for its precious metals and stunning collections to Casio’s diverse collection of watches for every occasion, there’s a watch to suit every personality. We love stars who embody the essence of these brands. Let’s be inspired by celebrities wearing watches we love.

Seiko Watch Ambassadors

Founded in 1981, Seiko is a leading Japanese watch manufacturer. With a broad range of watches from Prospex to Presage and high-end timepieces, Seiko has a distinctive style that fits cosmopolitan people and celebrities from all fields. Embracing the values of sophistication and stunning design, as well as reliability, these Japanese watches truly impress. 

Kirsten Stewart has frequently been spotted wearing a Seiko watch at some ceremonies. The young American actress chose a Seiko SJB880 watch to personify her love for sophistication and chic luxury. Stylish and eye-catching, this woman’s watch offers great style with minimal effort, making it a perfect choice for public events or film ceremonies. For those of us who love to reminisce about the Twilight saga, this Seiko watch can bring back those memories, as we channel our inner Stewart. With its high performance, there’s no other watch that makes us feel more like a star in our own movie.


Professional tennis player Novak Djokovic was spotted wearing the Astron GPS solar watch. Dedicated to perfection, Djokovic symbolizes performance and success, as celebrated by this timeless watch. Traveling around the globe, Seiko brought the power of solar energy into an outstanding watch, allowing easy adjustment around the globe. When we master our time, we win, and that’s the feeling Djokovic showcased with this Astron GPS solar watch.

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Another Seiko brand ambassador who has contributed to the brand’s success is Chinese-American actor Wang Leehom. Perceived as a style-savvy and athletic urbanite, Wang Leehom embodies casual sophistication with the new Seiko Chronograph watch. Precision and performance make this historic model unique on the market. The automatic features allow a man to master his time and his life, and that’s the powerful vibe Wang Leehom exudes when sporting his Chronograph watch. 


Japanese watches

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Innovative and impressive, Casio watches are well-known for their unique style and affordability. Founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Casio has established its reputation as a worldwide power among watchmakers. Casio watches became popular in the 70s and 80s and rocketed to worldwide acclaim shortly. With famous models like the G-Shock and the Baby G, the Japanese brand has successfully attracted the attention of famous sports stars and personalities.

The Stars Who Love Casio Watches 

Let’s start with the world’s most famous billionaire, Bill Gates. Known for wearing digital Casio watches, Gates has been spotted numerous times with the Casio MDV-106-1A analog diving watch. Down-to-earth and easy-to-wear, this watch features an elegant appeal without being over the top. High end yet accessible, this model makes it a favorite of the billionaire, who loves to wear everyday items.

No less a dignitary than Pope Francis has been seen wearing an analog Casio digital watch. A Reddit thread identified the model as the Casio MQ24-7B. This classic version is simple and versatile and makes a man appear confident yet approachable — which perfectly suits Pope Francis’ kindhearted spirituality. Analog models are known for precision, with remarkable features that impress, and when traveling the world to meet countless people, one should appear with the authority and style always evident with Pope Francis. 

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At least once in our lives, we have all seen Tom Cruise appearing with a Casio G-Shock in Mission Impossible II. The G-Shock embodies adventure, speed, and power simultaneously, making it a perfect accessory for Tom Cruise’s daredevil character in the Mission Impossible franchise. Water-resistant, mysterious, and boasting outstanding design, the G-Shock is a truly appealing timepiece. We are impressed by the performance of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, and we are inspired by the G-Shock to dive into new adventures. 

Who doesn’t love the movies of Ryan Gosling? In Half Nelson, we can see Gosling with a G-Shock G-2900, symbolizing a cool and chic attitude. If Gosling also owns a Rolex in his personal watch collection, his choice for Casio reveals his affinity for everything accessible and urban. There’s no need for impressive luxury when we can go for the laid back style of the G-Shock, as demonstrated by Gosling. 

Watches make our outfits—and our lives—unique and stylish for every occasion, adding that special touch that makes an ensemble. Get inspired by these celebrities wearing top Japanese brands as you plan to invest in your next perfect timepiece. Or treat your technologically minded loved ones to a tech gift they’ll be wearing for years. Whatever your reason for seeking out a watch, these Japanese watches brands are sure to satisfy.

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