Buying Research Papers Online: Pros and Cons

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Buying Research Papers

The history of academic writing help starts not in our universities, but as we guess, closer to the Ancient Rome where education for the boys from the honorable families was obligatory. Were they all talented and diligent? Hardly so. Did they use extra help? We are sure of it. Due to this and other factors, it is obvious that academic writing help will not disappear, as it didn’t disappear through the centuries. Nowadays, the most popular type of academic help is academic writing assistance. You can buy papers online, You can buy college essays, and use them according to your goals and preferences. As with any issue, this one has its pros and cons, and we are here to speculate about them. We are not touching ethical matters, only practical ones, because we genuinely believe ethical matters are very private.

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  • Efficiency is King. If you look for the best-selling books at Amazon or in the nearest big bookstore, you will find out that people, first of all, want to efficient, prosperous, successful, etc. Much less of the bookstores’ customers are interested in “how to write better research papers,” and there is a reason for that. Efficiency is king; it makes your life rolling. More and more students see the educational process as a tool, not a goal, and in this regard buying research papers online from time to time is efficient.
  • The system itself is broken. The educational system is cracking, it is reflected in any report regarding the issue. Even the best students often fail to manage the load, there are lots of students with psychological diseases caused by stress, etc. On the other hand, there are educational institutions which hardly teach, only demand students to write more academic papers including research projects. If you feel like you are failing, it is very probable that your fault is minimum, and the system itself should take all the blame. In this regard, buying research papers online, you protect yourself from the failing system which can harm your mental health and overall efficiency.
  • You buy not only a paper, but you also buy time. Time is a challenging issue. Even the term “time” is hard to be defined, and in different cultures and different linguistic groups, is defined differently. For example, one of the Indian tribes sees time as a “whole,” which means you can’t lose it, gain it, save it, separate it, etc. You live in the flow of time. In terms of the European civilization, however, the time is something you can operate with. Of course, you don’t strictly buy minutes and hours. You buy the opportunity to choose what to do during those hours. For example, let’s say buying one research paper will save you 50 hours of working time. You can use them for a side job, which will look nice in your resume, can deal with your perspective project or have some life. HR specialists say that they often prefer to hire people engaged in social relationships and connections, than students with the best grades and zero ability to communicate.
  • Your grades still matter. Despite what we’ve said above about the HR specialists, you have to receive above-average grades to receive your diploma and not to be ashamed of it. Every person has hard times, and if you find yourself in the middle of the health of family crisis, you should consider looking for some writing help not to add an educational turmoil to the existing mess.


  • The quality is not guaranteed. Despite all the claims given by the academic writing companies, you can’t be 100% sure the quality of the final draft you receive will meet your expectations. To minimize risks order a research paper as early as possible, so you have more time before the deadline to proofread it. Choose the company which has a Money Back guarantee, not only free revisions. If you have found a company that suits you, and the assigned writer satisfies your understanding of the excellent work, ask for the same writer next time you order an academic paper. Agencies claim all their writers are equally good, but we all know it is just impossible. So stick to the truly capable one.
  • The prices are rather high. Obviously, we are not speaking about one-page-writing-agencies, created by an average student somewhere in Kenya. If you want a quality paper, with proper references. 100% originality and meticulous formatting, you will have to pay for it, and it is how it works in any field. To save money you should look for the agencies which offer reference pages for free (this way you can save up to $50-60 when buying a research paper) and place an order as early as possible. The closer you are to the deadline, the more you will pay.

The decision is only yours. Good luck!

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