35 Eternal Yin Yang Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

31. This cute blakc and white cat tattoo.


Now that we already know about Yin and Yang energies, it is easy to guess which cat represents Yang or Yin. 

Both are cuddling each other while sleeping showing the dependence. This is how Yin Yang coexists. White cat is Yang and lucky for people while the black cat is considered a bad omen and hated by people which is not true. Both cats are a battle in the minds of people between conceptions and misconceptions. 

A person with confusion and ignorance always neglects his Yin energy and focuses only on Yang instead of maintaining a balance.

32. This dreamy dreamcatcher Yin Yang tattoo.


Dreamcatchers are known to catch spirits and dreams. Here in this dreamcatcher, Yin and Yang energies are represented with Red and black thread with beads. 

While the black represents Yin energy which attracts evil spirits and nightmares, Red yang attracts dreams and good spirits. Even though they collide, they still coexist together in the mind of a person and maintain a balanced thought process. This is a symbolic tattoo representing evil and good thinking and both are needed for a stable mind.

33. This optical illusion Yin Yang tattoo.


This psychological optical illusion is represented in the form of Yin and Yang energies. Both create an effect like the black is devouring the white and vice versa. Yin and Yang coexist together and complete each other. While the black has white lines and white has black ones, it shows dependence. Both are maintaining a balance.This is how an individual lives with its dual nature. His softness is hidden while the outgoing nature is shown to the world. Hidden side is Yin and Yang is what he portrays in front of everyone.

34. This smokey watercolor Yin Yang tattoo.


This Yin Yang tattoo gives a smokey and dripping effect of colors. Yin is black with a splash effect of colors but in Yang the colors are melting down. 

Both are representations of darkness with sunshine. Their energies are intertwined to form balance and here the smoke is the result of that connection. Yin has a half moon which represents hope in despair while yang which is already bright has a hidden dark nature which causes the chaos of emotions shown in the form of colors.

35. This tribal Yin Yang tattoo.


This is a folk tribal art which is abstract based on nature. Yin Yang energies are surrounded by Flowy spirals which represent Aura. These auras are both black and white showing the interconnection of Yin and Yang. 

Four claws are forcefully gripping the Yin Yang energy which represents how a person hides his real self from the world by forcing himself to act like others and not embracing himself and his insecurities. 

When his Dark yin energy combines with Brightness of Yang, it creates balance and results in finding one’s own self. 

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