35 Eternal Yin Yang Tattoos

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21. This fire and water Yin Yang tattoo.


This tattoo represents balance in nature with the Yin Yang symbol. 

While the water is Yang due to its adventurous nature and big waves, Fire being mysterious shows Yin energy.

The little yellow sun is the representation of Yang’s strength of Yin on how a little spark can become a massive ball of fire and light up the universe. The dark ball in the ocean is a representation of deepness associated with Yin energy in water which can be calm sometimes.

22. This cool finger Yin Yang tattoo.


At first, there is a symbol of Yin Yang energy coexisting together, then both are separated and lastly their little dots of balance too are roaming freely. 

This represents the people who chase freedom and try to find everything in their own self. A spiritual person can attain this type of energy with wisdom. He knows how everything is temporary and he will be left alone in life, so he tries to find both evil and good in itself and embrace his imperfection. 

23. This cool foot Yin Yang tattoo.


Both feets together form the symbol of Yin Yang. Left foot has a Yang symbol with sun rays and the right foot is Yin surrounded by stars. The black inked yin is dark night full of peace with the light shine of stars representing hope in despair while the daylight of sun is the Yang full of light with little black dot representing restlessness of life. Both feets are showing the dual nature of a human and how he has goodness and evil in his own self. Feets are the parts which take us everywhere and a person who accepts his evil and good side can go to big places for a better life. 

24. This breathtaking Leopard Yin Yang tattoo.


Showing two Leopards in center with half face completing each other representing the dual personality of an individual, the black leopard is the hidden personality surrounded by abstract lines which means the subconscious that keeps the secrets. And White leopard is the personality a person shows to the world with black dots representing the crowd and his connection. The half moons on the heads of Leopard are dark and bright showing hope in Black leopard and Despair in white symbolising Yin Yang philosophy. 

25. This elegant neck Yin Yang tattoo.


The Yin Yang symbol is designed in an unique way representing spirals which look like branches. The black inked Yin is the night forest full of white branches which shines due to moonlight and Yang is represented in the form of forest at day time full of brown dark branches of its trees. 

The black flower in Yang and White flower in Yin represents balance in both phases of one day. Nature has a way to maintain balance, and these branches represent the dependency and coexistence of night and day.

26. This simply gorgeous flower Yin Yang tattoo.


This flower tattoo with Yin Yang in its centre bud is an interesting piece of work as it represents the way of living in this world. 

Yin which is a dark phase of life while the happy life is Yang symbolises the journey of an individual to attain salvation represented as a Flower. 

A wise person who acknowledges both sides and maintains a balance of good and bad deeds lives a satisfied life. In the end, he finds happiness full of blooming flowers.

27. This mind blowing full back Yin Yang tattoo.


This is a Tree of life which is going through all seasons representing the phases of life. One side of the tree is Yang, full of sunlight during summer and spring while the other side is the night phases with trees of winter and autumn and yes it is Yin. 

Yin is still, cold, barren, calm and mysterious. 

Yang is warm, full of life, bloomed plants and adventure. 

This tattoo represents various aspects of life : 

  • Seasons
  • Phases
  • Sun and Moon both make a balance between day and night.
  • Life and death

28. This Mandala style Yin Yang tattoo.


Mandala means circle and this art is inspired from the universe and its energy. This mandala design surrounding the Yin Yang represents Universal Balance. 

Every single thing consists of Yin Yang energy. The dark matter around the galaxy is Yin and Yang is the Celestial bodies : Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets.

Mandala art shows a loop which is infinite with on beginning or end. 

Universe is still and mysterious due to its Yin energy and all celestial bodies are chaotic and shines because of its Yang energy.

29. This one of a kind Yin Yang tattoo.


While the Yin side is inked with black color, Yang is full of vibrant colours. This VIBGYOR range of color is associated to many things such as : 

  • Rainbow 
  • Art
  • Scattering of light to produce colourful vision in eyes.
  • LGBTQ community rights

According to Yin Yang philosophy, these colours show the outgoing nature of Yang and introversion of Yin with Black color, together both maintain a balance with little Yin dark energy in Yang and bright coloured Yang energy in Yin coexisting together. 

30. This linework sky and water tattoo.


 Sky represents the Yin energy full of calmness while the water is Yang, always being chaotic with its waves. 

 Here the clouds are the existence of Yang in Yin sky which can create chaos with thunder and lightning and the waves in Yang attain stillness of Yin energy.

Both energies are separated by a line which is a representation of earth.

Yin and Yang coexist together to maintain a balance which happens with Rain, when a little drop of water separates from sky, it meets the ocean and connects the sky and water.

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