35 Eternal Yin Yang Tattoos

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11. This fun watercolor Yin Yang tattoo.


Full of vibrant colours, this Yin Yang symbol is drawn to represent life. Here Yang is not colourful and has the outer design of Sun Rays while Yin is full of different colours and its outline is surrounded with stars. 

Yang has colour only in its inner dot and rays representing dominant and outgoing nature but still longing for dependence on someone. 

But in the case of Yin, the introversion and calm nature is attracting stars representing a simple life with good company.

12. This neat Sun and Moon Yin Yang tattoo.


This Yin Yang symbol is drawn in a neat and detailed way. Apart from Koi fish yin yang tattoo, sun and moon are also significant. The Sun is dark but spreading infinite rays of light, the Moon is bright and still does not have enough light to get out of darkness. But both are coexisting and balancing energies of each other.  Excessiveness of one can destroy this world. To create harmony, the night has a low light moon and Yang, which represents the day, has the Sun to provide brightness in this world. Both celestial bodies are represented in this tattoo to show the balance of anger and calmness in an individual. 

13. This impressive Yin Yang tattoo.


  Surrounded by a Winged dragon whose tail is reaching its mouth representing No end or beginning but an infinite flow of energy. Here Yin is full of fire energy coming out from the mouth of the dragon while Yang is blank with little fire in it. Yin has a little blank dot which shows spent energy.

Due to the introvert and still nature, Wise people are associated with Yin. These energy preservers spend a limited energy on people.

And Yang represents Extroversion and adventure leaving it blank due to its energy getting spent on the world leaving a little energy in them.

14. This phenomenal Buddha Yin Yang tattoo.


   There are various symbols in this tattoo, Let’s compare. 

Yin side : Represents Evil. Dark blue colour is associated with uneasiness and dark energy. Here an ignorant person is shown in the form of a demon, his face shows Ego, ignorance and “I” nature. His sword has a dragon that takes life. His aura is full of chaos.

Yang side : Represents Good. Bright orange colour is associated with calmness and bright energy. Here a wise person is shown in the form of Buddha itself, his face shows Wisdom, satisfaction and “We” nature. He has a rope or thread tied with a ring of life.

15. These tribal inspired Yin Yang tattoos.


 These two pair tattoos of Yin Yang were created in a simple design by using Tribal art. Both look almost identical but if you look closely, there are differences. One tattoo is just drawn without any filling but another one has a little black color filled in space. Former tattoo represents Yang which is blank and shows extroversion and energy spent on the outer world leaving with no energy while the latter tattoo is Yin representing its introversion and ability to control its energy and preserve it as shown in the picture. 

16. This captivating Yin Yang tattoo.


Here the Yin Yang symbol in the form of Sunrise and Sunset represents the life cycle of an individual. Just like the Sun rises with life and sets in a dark realm, a person comes in this world with hope and leaves it with despair. 

In the tattoo design, Yin is represented as setting sun in ocean which shows infinite darkness and Yang is symbolised as rising sun in forest which has trees and mountains due to their ability to give home to living beings. 

17. This trippy Yin Yang tattoo.


This colourful Yin Yang design is unique due to its outer design. This mind boggling figure can puzzle your mind. Look how there’s no end or beginning in this figure. It is a triangular shaped figure. Triangles or objects associated with Number three are considered spirituality as well as evilness. 

While  Yin represents the evil side and Yang is the good, it also shows contrasting ways to attain Salvation. 

One person will attain salvation with spirituality while the other will use mind tripping drugs to feel salvation-like effects.

18. These brush stroke completing Yin Yang tattoos.


Yin is one hand and Yang in the other represents the dual personality of an individual as both coexist in every person. Difference is some people choose Yin to hide in a dark realm and dissociate with the world while the others find comfort in Yang to attain a good life and associate with love. But both things are not right as someone should never be too good or too bad, always go for a balanced life. These brush strokes are designed to show imperfection as the motto of life. Being too soft puts you in trouble and being too hard names you The trouble. 

19. These sweet couple Yin Yang tattoos.


The girl got a Yin tattoo due to its feminine energy while the boy got Yang tattoo which represents Masculinity. Being a couple, they choose this tattoo to show their love and dependency on each other just like Yin Yang are two energies coexisting together in the universe. Yin, which is black in color and has a white dot, shows its introversion and calmness while keeping a strength safe from the world. And blackdot in white Yang represents a dark softside surrounded by outgoing personality and dominance.

20. This amazing dragon Yin Yang tattoo.


Koi fish yin yang tattoo are very famous. But the dragon is also a crucial caracterin such tattoos. Here, both dragons together make signs of Yin Yang. Their necks are bending in a way to represent the dots which exist in both Yin and Yang. Both of them are looking at each other. While the black dragon is a quadruped with legs and arms, the white dragon has wings. 

Just like Yin Yang being dependent on each other creates a balance.

Both dragons are maintaining a balance in their bodies. One can walk and exhale fire while the other can fly in the sky symbolising the connection of Earth and sky.

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