Black Sparrow Tattoo

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If you came here to look for some Jack Sparrow tattoos, you are kind of in a wrong place because here you will a black sparrow tattoo! Still, you should check this gallery as well because it sure looks amazing.

What is more, a black sparrow tattoo is not just a random kind of tattoo which is inked on the skin only for its looks. Did you know that from the very old times a black sparrow tattoo started out as a sailor’s tattoo? The black sparrow tattoo was believed to bring a good luck.

Nowadays the meaning may be different and a black sparrow tattoo is also associated with freedom and a wish for living. Also, it represents the love for the ones who already has passed away.

Amazing, isn’t it? How a simple black sparrow tattoo leads to this kind of amazing meaning. Be sure to check more designs at our gallery.

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