Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android 2022

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Video Downloader Apps

When it comes to learning new things, enjoying funny videos, and learning the steps to fix our tech issues, YouTube is the best platform to go for. A product by Google is one of the most popular video platforms where kids, adults, and older people enjoy watching videos.  If you are a regular YouTube watcher, you might notice a download button, which allows you to save for later viewing or for downloading you need Video Downloader Apps . But in most of the videos, the download button is not there. You might need the video to watch it in your free time, but there is no download option.  

Although it is against the policies of YouTube to download videos through third-party apps, but still if you are not violating copyrights, you are good to go. However, downloading videos via third-party apps requires high-speed internet. 

For speedy downloads, Cox provides high-speed internet at affordable prices. Along with uninterrupted internet, you can also contact customer support both available in English and Spanish language. No need to worry about language as you can easily ask for assistance and resolve problems by dialing numero de cox en español, if you are a Spanish speaker. You can also get support via live chat and SMS in case you don’t want to hold for long. 

Now you have high-speed internet, and downloading YouTube videos will no longer be difficult. How to download YouTube videos is our main topic. So without further waiting, let’s get started. 

TubeMate – Video Downloader Apps 

TubeMate is one of the best third-party apps that allow you to download YouTube videos directly on your device. Save now and view it later without having an internet connection. The app also allows you to choose the quality of video you want to download. 

If you are using TubeMate for the first, rest assured you will find it as easy as 123. Simply, you need to search for the desired video on YouTube and push the green button at the bottom of the screen to start downloading. Keep in mind that TubeMate is unable to download 4K videos. 

Dentex- Video Downloader Apps 

If you want to download YouTube videos on your Android phone, Dentex is an app you must install right now. It downloads the video in seconds and the app is super easy to use. For instance, Dentex is divided into three parts. In the first one, you need to search for the YouTube video you wish to download. In the second phase, it displays the quality and format of videos, in which you wish to download. And lastly, you can view all your previously downloaded videos. 

However, Dentex comes with a few drawbacks as well such as you need to download an extra plugin to change the format of videos. It is not compatible with older Android versions. Moreover, the downloading may stop sometimes in between, which needs to be resumed by the user. 


Saving YouTube videos for later viewing can be done in a breeze with WonTube. The Android YouTube download app is simple to use and has the capacity of downloading videos instantly. The user-friendly interface gives an edge to the app over others. Moreover, it can also combine videos and deliver the desired result in the format you want. The app supports almost all video formats including MPG, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MP4, and MKV. One of the best features of WonTube is that it works even if your internet connection is acting up. The app can convert videos into 20+ formats. The only drawback is that although you can download several videos simultaneously, the batch of videos can only be converted into one format. 


NewPipe is another great app for downloading YouTube videos on Android. The app can extract all the information for downloading videos. The app can work ideally with phones that do not feature Google services in them. NewPipe also helps you download videos and audio in different resolutions and formats. The app also keeps you informed about YouTube channels, while you save videos. The app only takes 2Mb space on your phone. Moreover, the pop-up mode allows you to move videos to any part of the screen. You can also adjust the size according to your requirements. To operate this app properly, you need to do additional settings. The only drawback is that you cannot view your history. 


SnapTube is another great app for downloading YouTube videos along with audio in MP3 format. The app contains different sections such as most viewed videos and daily recommendations. You can also download videos from other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. The app does not require any additional plugins. The only drawback is that you cannot download videos if you are living in China or India. 

Summing Up

Downloading YouTube videos through third part apps is easy. Make sure to check the apps that best suits your requirements and download videos only when the internet speed is optimal. The aforementioned apps we have covered offer user-friendly interfaces and no-hassle downloads.

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