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If you’re looking for the best North India tour, then touring around several jewels of Sikkim is the best choice for you! Plan your vacation at Sikkim through thrillophilia, one of the most reliable Sikkim Tour packages, and explore the beauty of Himalayan ranges and beautiful hill stations at the same time. Sikkim is one of the prominent states in India which offer an opulent richness of culture, monasteries, scenic landscapes, flora, and fauna. In a way, you can say a trip to Sikkim is like getting an opportunity to blend in untouched nature’s beauty and indulge in the glory of all its freshness. Once you start your journey at Sikkim, it automatically seems more and more pleasant as Sikkim offers a wide potential for tourism. Due to a Himalayan wonderland, snow-capped mountains, a wide variety of natural vegetation, undisturbed valleys, and a peaceful environment, this place has been a go-to place for all the travel enthusiasts out there.

Apart from the natural beauty and being the mountain kingdom, Sikkim also offers you some exotic flora and fauna, fabulous vistas, serene monastic locations, and several trek locations through pine forests and picturesque valleys for mountaineering expeditions. Besides adventure and sightseeing activities, you can also opt to go shopping around various local markets that sell local items, religious Buddhists things, and delicious food.

Trekking at Kanchenjunga Base Camp-

What’s more fun and adventurous than stepping onto the base camp of the highest mountain in the world that is Kanchenjunga. For all the mountaineers, mountain lovers and adrenaline seekers out there, Sikkim Tour packages give you a great opportunity to bring the beast out. This is the only way to feel like you are conquering Everest like a warrior as you look at the serenity and breathtaking stunning views from the peak of the mountain after a restless final climb. Compared to other treks in North India, Trekking at Kanchenjunga Base Camp is quite different and the toughest trek so it will be a great achievement if you accomplish your trekking at Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Helicopter Ride at Gangtok Valley-

Get excited for a helicopter ride at Gangtok Valley where you get a bird’s eye view of the entire valley as the helicopter lifts you to give a mesmerising view. Witnessing the mountains and river running below a touching distance from your feet is a whole kind of different experience you will ever have in your lifetime. So all the adventure enthusiasts and lovers pull your socks and set off with a camera at Rs18000/- to rs90000/- to capture Sikkim’s birds-eye view. Relish the panoramic view from a towering height while taking a tour of Sikkim from the sky.

Yak Ride-Changu Lake-

Sikkim offers you one of the famous tourist destinations named Changu Lake where you can experience some offbeat things and make your trip an exciting one! The main exciting thing about this pristine place is that near the Lake you get a chance to ride a Yak. Yak it is! Never ever have you experienced such a unique ride, you are going to have a great safari around the lake with these peaceful animals even for a whole day. The ride may cost you around rs40/- to rs100/- so don’t forget to carry all your essentials and camera especially to capture the moments and pictures of the Yak safari.

Pray at Ravangla Buddha Park-

Apart from all the adventure and exploring activities, get some time out to visit a spiritual hub named Ravangla Park which is a popular tourist attraction for worshippers. People around the globe gather at this place to take part in the number of prayers that take place on the park premises. Once you reach this place, the serene environment here will automatically blem you in spiritual enlightenment and force you to attain nirvana. There are many facilities for meditation within the complexes so get yourself here to achieve some kind of peace and stability in your mind, body, and soul. The vibe and atmosphere of the park will help you with your meditation and prayers.

Gondola Ride at Gangtok-

Want to spice up your Sikkim trip with some thrills and adventure? Then get you along a Gondola ride in Gangtok which features mid-air hanging from a rope. The hilarious and enticing ride is going to take you up in the air of enormous height. Book your cable car and set a memorable enthralling cable car ride and enjoy the entire valley of Sikkim from a commendable height. At a cost of around Rs70/- to Rs110/- you can sit in a cabin and go for a ride from a rope connecting from one end to another end. The gondola ride is a famous adventure activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages at Gangtok.

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