Best Blackjack Tattoo Ideas

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Blackjack is a banking game that rules gambling establishments’ floors across the planet, ranking as the number one table casino product of all time. It is a descendant of the family of games known as twenty-one, whose lineage goes back centuries, originating in Europe.

Gamblers love blackjack because it boasts the best odds out of every house-backed gaming option. Its default house edge is 2%. That applies to tables at land-based casinos and at sites to play live blackjack. At both, players can lower the operator’s advantage to 0.5% if they implement an optimal strategy, and they may try to flip the winning probability in their favor by attempting to keep a mental tally of the cards dealt. Essentially, in that lies its appeal for most people. The fact that they can win a prize at it with a higher degree of regularity.

Seeing as, without argument, blackjack dominates craps, roulette, baccarat, Caribbean Stud, and all other casino gambling games that happen on green felt, it should be no surprise that Google Images and Pinterest are chock-full of picks showing creative tattoos that allude to twenty-one betting fun. However, in all honesty, most of them are a bit cliché, so we have decided to throw out some novel, unconventional ones below.

Ace & Jack

As likely anyone that has ever stepped foot on a gaming floor knows, the goal of blackjack is to get a card total closest to twenty-one without going over this figure. Though, a fact that few laypeople and live dealer casuals know is that getting a face card, jack, queen, king, or a ten, plus an ace, is a blackjack hand, a two-card total of twenty-one.

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Even though this instant win can get formed through a combo of three face cards, or a ten, paired with an ace, the jack is the one that most gets associated with a blackjack. Moreover, the same goes for the ace of spades. Thus, most tattoos that utilize this motif feature these two, usually held by a hand or next to a stack of chips. Nevertheless, endless variations are possible. How about a minimalistic approach of just the symbols of both? A spade and a J. Or the head of the knight, and a heart, club, or diamond? Being flamboyant is fine, but often, less is better when dealing with such simple themes. It is more elegant.

A Segment of a Strategy Chart

As mentioned above, some people have figured out the best possible moves in every scenario at a blackjack table. They have condensed these into a table that shows the most brilliant plays in all feasible cases.

If people can have the periodic table plastered on their bodies, what’s wrong with having a blackjack strategy chart tattooed on a forearm that you can consult during gaming sessions? In honesty, having the entire thing inked requires some skin real estate, so maybe a segment on each arm or the whole table in a rudimentary form.

The Godfather of Blackjack

Okay, so this one is for hard-core blackjack gamblers only. Movie characters and celebrity tattoos are a trend that has persevered for decades. So, for those super into testing their luck on the world’s predominant table game pick, we see nothing wrong with carrying around an image of a man who pioneered team plays blackjack systems, Al Francesco.

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Another gaming trailblazer worth inking is Edward O. Thorp, the author of Beat the Dealer, the book that proved that card counting could overcome the house advantage in blackjack. Other card gaming trailblazers include Peter Griffin, Lawrence Revere, and Tommy Hyland.

Rinconete y Cortadillo

Here is a suggestion that you won’t find elsewhere. Rinconete y Cortadillo is one of twelve Miguel de Cervantes short stories featured in the novella series titled Novelas Ejemplares published in 1613. The story of this tale occurs in 1569 in Seville, depicting social differences between the classes through the exploits of two young men who have chosen a life of crime. In their adventures, they engage in Ventiuna, a predecessor of blackjack.

The eclectic Spanish painter Antonio Muñoz Degrain has a terrific oil artwork depicting one of the story’s main characters leaning against a building, appearing disheveled. It could be a great talking point and a conversation starter, in general, and on account of the image’s connection to blackjack.

A Sphalerite Mineral

On the topic of blackjack’s roots, only a minuscule number of people know the origin of this game’s name. It got this label attached in the late 19th century when twenty-one fun was a mainstay entertainment form among Klondike Gold Rush prospectors. They named it after the mineral zinc blende, nicknamed blackjack, associated with silver/gold deposits, a sulfide mineral with a unique crystal structure.

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Best Blackjack Tattoo Ideas