Artist Spotlight: Little Andy’s Surreal Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Little Andy or Andrew Marsh makes the craziest surreal tattoos we have seen in a while. They are all trippy and wonderfully full of color. Andy’s surreal tattoos have a galactic and psychedelic feeling to them, they seem to come from a different world entirely.

Little Andy’s tattoos vary from trippy worlds to phenomenal portraits. All of his tattoos are unique, and it is almost impossible to describe what you are seeing when you look at the finished product. The colors and combinations Andy uses are exquisite and breathtaking.

We follow him on his Instagram account and honestly so should you. His surreal tattoos have a certain electricity to them, acing the abstract and geometric world of tattoos. Little Andy is truly in a league of his own. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This spacetastic portrait tattoo.

abstract dotwork tattoo by littleandytattoo


2. This psychedelic tattoo.

abstract portrait tattoo by littleandytattoo


3. This brilliant bat tattoo.

bat tattoo by littleandytattoo


4. This incredible bear tattoo.

bear tattoo by littleandytattoo


5. This perfect Beethoven tattoo.

beethonven tattoo by littleandytattoo


6. This amazing beetle tattoo.

beetle tattoo by littleandytattoo


7. This trippy Breaking Bad tattoo.

breaking bad tattoo by littleandytattoo


8. This nightmarish cuttlefish tattoo.

cuttlefish tattoo by littleandytattoo


9. This phenomenal Dorothy tattoo.

dorothy tattoo by littleandytattoo


10. This funkadelic  Fear and Loathing tattoo.

fear and loathing tattoo by littleandytattoo