Are You Allowed to Travel With CBD Gummies?

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Travel With CBD Gummies

You may live in a region where CBD is no big thing, and you can freely enjoy CBD gummies like our favorites made by Verma Farms without worry of being fined or arrested. 

It is easy to forget that in many other parts of the world, you could be put in jail for a very long time for possessing CBD, even though you are simply using it to help your anxiety. When packing your bags for your next big trip, make sure you are up to speed on the laws where you are traveling to avoid delays in your trip, or worse, time in jail. Are You Allowed to Travel With CBD Gummies?

Laws Around the World

In countries where CBD is legal but marijuana is restricted, products must be derived from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp was only recently distinguished from marijuana, and the main difference is the THC content. Industrial hemp contains 0.3% or less THC. The marijuana plant has a higher THC content, producing that euphoric high people often associate with cannabis. 

Many countries, like the United States, are currently grappling with cannabis and hemp-related laws. Only recently have these regulations begun to relax and open the door to the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Make sure you are up to date before you travel to another country with your CBD gummies because laws are still changing in most parts of the world.

One detail you may want to look into for where you intend to travel is transport. In many countries where hemp is legal, transport across international borders is not. This means that you may have to purchase your CBD once you get to your destination rather than bringing it with you.

CBD in the United States

The CBD laws in the United States are complicated. The government legalized hemp products in 2018, but some states have kept their own laws intact. 

Additionally, there are some nuances to hemp laws pertaining to CBD and its production. One branch of regulation for CBD within the country has determined that it can be present in cosmetics but is not suitable for human or animal consumption. 

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However, they are generally more interested in going after companies that make medical claims about CBD than vacationers using buy CBD oil gummies to relieve arthritis.

CBD in Canada

All cannabis products, including CBD and even hemp-derived CBD, are regulated by individual provinces under the Cannabis Act. Medicinal and recreational marijuana, as well as CBD, are legal in every province, but you must make your purchases through government-run shops. 

You are free to travel within Canada with your CBD, and as long as you buy it at an approved location, the amount of THC is inconsequential. You cannot, however, take your favorite CBD gummies from home into the country. 

CBD in Mexico

CBD derived from hemp and containing a low amount (less than 1%) of THC is legal in Mexico. The country runs facilities where you can purchase your products, and it is unclear whether you can take your own CBD there or not. 

To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to leave your CBD at home or finish it on the plane, then find a place to buy it once you are inside the country.

CBD in South America

Though some countries in South America are well-known worldwide for their cannabis products, cannabis and hemp are not readily available within the countries themselves. CBD is completely illegal in a few countries, but most do allow access with a prescription. It is only completely legal in Uruguay where access is limited to residents and Chile where THC content must be below 0.3%. 

CBD in Europe

CBD is wildly popular in the UK, and is legal (with restrictions to the amount of THC present) in nearly every country in all of Europe. A few countries like France, Germany, Sweden, and Finland require a prescription, but for most of the rest of the continent, you can find a place to pick up CBD to help your pain and inflammation while you backpack your way through.

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CBD in Asia

In India and South Korea, you need a prescription to obtain CBD. Japan allows for possession of CBD, but it must contain no THC whatsoever. Your CBD oil or gummies must be made from CBD isolate. Possession of THC can land you in prison for five years, so tread carefully. Other Asian countries have strict regulations on all products made from hemp and cannabis, and you do not want to get busted with anything because penalties are high.

CBD in Africa

Most countries in Africa have very harsh laws pertaining to cannabis and hemp, so just don’t bother to try to bring your CBD or find any there. The exception is South Africa, where the government is trying to progress cannabis laws to be more accepting and inclusive. Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe do allow CBD for medical use, but you need a prescription.

CBD in Australia and New Zealand

Both countries require a prescription for CBD products, and they must be low in THC.

Final Thoughts

The ambiguity and rapid evolution of laws around the world lead to people (including law enforcement officers) not understanding what is legal and what is not. If you are traveling, know that you could be given a hard time about what you’ve got with you. 

People are generally pretty relaxed about CBD at this point in North America and Europe, but the choice to press for further information can depend on many factors. Mood and biases of the officer, and your accent or color of your skin, can affect the level of suspicion in a given situation. 

It is therefore very important to understand the laws regarding CBD in every state, province, or country in which you intend to travel. If you are well-prepared in advance, you should not have any trouble deciding whether or not to travel with your CBD.

Travel With CBD Gummies