All You Need To Know About Stump Removal

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Stump Removal

Stump removal might seem like cutting down a tree but, the process of stump removal is one of the toughest jobs. Most people who cut down a tree are not able to remove the stumps that is why you must have seen old tree stumps in most of the yards. Most of the people do not go for the removal of the stump as it is not included under the cost of the removal of the tree. But if you use the right equipment and right technique you will get the job of stump removal done more easily

Reasons to Remove A Tree Stump:

It is a huge deal of work just to cut the tree. But, when you have endured the job of cutting down the tree, it is meaningless to leave the stump around. Here are some of the reasons stating why stump removal is necessary.

  •  They Are Not Pleasant To Look At: You will surely not like to look at your yard and catch a glimpse of old tree stumps erecting out of the ground. If you leave the tree stumps in the ground gradually, weeds will grow. They look even worse when weeds and small plants grow on them. 
  • They Are Hazardous: When old tree stumps are not removed, weeds and other plants tend to grow on them and thus it can camouflage itself with the green grass of the yard, you can easily trip over the stumps or even stub your toe or feet against them. 
  •  Pests Harvest On Them: The decaying process in the stump is quite slow and thus pests such as ants and termites start to bread on them. This gradually starts spreading to other plants which becomes harmful for other plants too. It can spread to your homes as well.
  • They Occupy Space: When you have a yard, you will surely not want a stump to take up any space in your yard. Stumps come in your way of clear yards. When you are mowing your lawn the stumps will come in your way of mowing. If you in any way hit an old stump it can even damage your mower.  
  •  Comes In Your Way Of Planting New Trees: When you think of planting new trees these old stumps will surely come in your way. The stumps will have far-reaching roots, this will make it impossible for the new plants or trees to spread its roots. 
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 Your Way Of Planting New Trees

The process of stump removal is extremely important after you cut down a tree. Stump removal will keep the soil in the yard healthy, not take up unnecessary space, and there will be no risk of tripping over. Hiring a tree removal company with insurance will ensure that the job is done safely.

Which Is The Best Way Of Stump Removal – Grinding Or Removing It? 

Though the workload is more in process of stump removal it is by far more effective among the two. The removal of the stump includes pulling out the tree stump and then digging out the roots that are spread beneath the ground. Though it will take up a lot of energy it will surely leave you a clean obstacle-free yard. It can leave a huge hole where the stump was.But, you can surely fill it with soil later. 

While in grinding, it will not take up much of your time and energy. But, it is sure to leave the tree roots behind. You will also find wood chips lying here and there in your garden. 

Stump removal seems to be the better way to get rid of the useless stump from your yard after you have cut off the tree. The result of this process is worth the effort.  

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Stump Removal