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A prison inmate lookup facility enables a person to get the information related to an inmate imprisoned for a crime. If you want to know if any of your friends or family who has allegedly committed a crime or confirmed a culprit is sent to jail. It is possible that the person is undergoing the trial sessions. During this period, the federal or state prisons prevent their movement or activities and keep them safe in these prisons. However, imprisonment can be an intimidating experience for the offenders as well as their family members. Knowing their whereabouts and other information can help in maintaining peace of mind. Read the full post to learn more about the prison inmate lookup facilities. 

Federal Bureau Of Prisons

The USA’s Federal Bureau of Prison provides safe prison facilities to accommodate the offenders of the Federal laws. This government agency ensures that the inmates can serve their imprisonment time in a safe and humane environment. All the primary competencies of the prisons are taken care of by the agency in a cost-effective manner. 

Federal Bureau Of Prisons


BOP offers a plethora of inmate programs intended to provide for criminogenic needs. These programs have proven to reduce the rate of crime to a great extent. Moreover, the cases of reoffending by the same inmate have also been reduced. Unlike the state offenders, Federal offenders are kept for a more extended period in imprisonment. During the incarceration, you can get the prison inmate lookup facilities to know about the inmates with their name or number. 

How To Search An Inmate? 

The online portal of the Federal Beauau of Prison enables the relatives or friends of the inmates to lookup for them with ease. BOP believes that the offenders who contact their families are more likely to become a part of their everyday lives. They avoid the repeated instances of criminal acts. To ensure this, the agency has around 40,000 employees. It is why the agency offers relatives and loved ones to find the inmates from its online portal. For prison inmate lookup, an individual can use any of the two main methods as described below: 

1: Find By Name

The BOP’s inmate record management system keeps the records of the inmates from 1982 to the present. The older records are reviewed and recalculated to analyzes the changes in the inmates. However, you may not be able to get the release date of the offenders in this data. Besides, you may not get the whereabouts information of an inmate who was jailed before 1982. Now that the criteria are clear, you can look up an inmate on the BOP’s official website by entering the name of an inmate. 

Inmate search by name


To search, you will need to enter the first, middle, and last names of the inmate (if applicable). Additionally, you will have to provide information, such as race, age, and sex of the offender before finally hitting the search button. After clicking on the search button, you can check the whereabouts of an inmate sentenced to Federal imprisonment. 

2: Find By Number

The next method for searching an inmate by their numbers is given by the federal authorities. There are mainly four types of numbers you can use for the prison inmate lookup facility. On the lookup page, when you choose Find By Number option, it will show a drop-down menu having four types of numbers in it. You have to select one among the given options and then enter the respective number in the number box. Once you are done, you have to hit the enter button to get the search result. The number options are described in the below-given list: 

Inmate search by number


BOP Register Number

The BOP register number is given to each federal prisoner by the United States Marshals Service. This is an eight-digit number used by the BOP for tracking the inmates. Besides, this number can also be used by an individual to track an offender under trial or imprisoned for an offense. It is used for several other purposes, such as sending emails or money to family members. The code follows the format XXXXX-0XX. The first five numbers in the register number are unique for each inmate. The remaining numbers depict the district where the offender was caught. 

DCDC Number

If you want to track the movement of an offender, then the DC Department of Corrections (DCDC) number can be helpful for you. You can choose this option on the BOP’s Find An Inmate page and then enter the respective number in the specific box to find an inmate. DCDC stands for the District of Columbia Department of Corrections. It runs the DC jail and is responsible for the adult jails and correction institutions. 

FBI Number 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) number is also helpful in finding the whereabouts of an inmate by selecting the same option and entering the number against it. After entering the number, you can hit the enter button, and the required information will be displayed on your screen. 

INS Number

INS number is also an effective way for the prison inmate lookup. Using this number, you can track the location of an inmate. If someone in your family is under trial for an offense or in the incarceration period in a Federal jail, then this process can be useful for you. 

How To Track The Record Before 1982

The inmate information by number or name can only be obtained after 1982 with BOP. The information for all the inmates before 1982 is not listed in the BOPs’ record management system. If you want to track the history of an inmate before 1982 for review, then you may try to reach out to the National Archives Records Administration (NARA). To get the information, you will have to provide the inmate’s name, DOB, race, and date in prison. This procedure can help you with the prison inmate lookup. 

Final Words!  

Reading this post until the end can help you in finding the inmate in a Federal jail. There are different methods listed in this post for inmate tracking. If you liked this post, then you can make a visit to our blog section and explore your favorite categories. 


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