All You Must Know About Carbon Fibre Car Parts

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Carbon fiber has been increasingly used in the automobile sector and will witness increasing demand for this black gold shortly. Car manufacturers use it almost everywhere in their cars. The interior design or the exterior add-ons all contain some amount of this dark material. Manufacturers prefer this material to manufacture car parts as it weighs less and gives increased structural strength. It exhibits a classy and sporty look. Hence, this technology is used in several classic and luxurious cars like BMW and Porsche. It was first used in F1 cars during the 1980s. However, the prices of those cars were not affordable to ordinary folks. But now, many households can afford such cars at reasonable prices. So, read on to understand how this black gold is molded into various car components you see in your Teslas, Mercedes’, Ferraris, or Fords.

Carbon Fiber – The Black Gold

This powerful element is known as “Black Gold” or graphite fiber. This ShaSha Carbon material weighs significantly less than steel but is twice as robust as steel. Hence, most automobile manufacturers use it to produce lightweight, high-performing, and high-speed cars. 

This material is formed when solid and thin strands of carbon atoms or graphite sheets are fused. At the initial stage, these thin filaments are twisted together like yarns and spun into the structure of the desired component. Producing this material involves various processes. 

Then it is stabilized at very low temperatures in the presence of oxygen. At this stage, the carbon atoms fuse tightly together to form carbon crystals. Then comes the carbonization phase, where it is exposed to extremely high temperatures without oxygen. This process is followed by reshaping, colouring, etc.

What Are Its Features?

Apart from being strong and sturdy, it also possesses the following characteristics:

  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Low Weight-To-Strength Ratio
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Extremely Heat Tolerant
  • High Tensile Strength

What Car Parts Are Made From Carbon Fibre?

Carbon fibre is slightly more expensive than other metals like steel and aluminium. Hence, one must judiciously equip this material on his car. There are no hardcore rules as to which carbon fibre parts must be placed where. The primary goal for using this material is to reduce the total weight of your vehicle. 

Following are some car parts that are made of this versatile metal:


Carbon fibre wheels are used along with aluminium wheels to support robustness and more power. But today, automobile manufacturers use only this metal for the entire wheel architecture. It helps to reduce around 50-60% of the total weight of the wheels. Decreased weight also means less noise pollution, greater performance, and high-speed acceleration.

Body Panels

A steel or aluminium body panel weighs four or two times more than a carbon fibre body panel. Using this incredible light metal for constructing a car’s body panel significantly decreases the vehicle’s weight. This weight reduction enhances fuel efficiency by using less power to accelerate and move the car. These panels also come with the perks of improvised safety performance which is essential to avoid or minimize crash or accident damage. 

Structural Components

There are two ways to implement these components. First, CFRPs or Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Plastic is used to replace individual parts of the car to support other materials in weight reduction. In the second option, CFRP is used to replace the whole architecture or structure of the vehicle. It helps to reduce weight even further. 

Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Now that you know the basic features and functions of carbon fibre car parts have a look at some of the benefits they offer.

1. Reduces Car Weight 

Among the many benefits of carbon fibre car parts, the most essential is that it is extremely lightweight. The carbon fibre car parts, compared to similar car parts made with different material, shows a huge difference in weight. Lightweight is a huge benefit for cars, especially racing cars.

2. High Strenght 

Carbon fibre has a higher strength and stiffness when compared to any other material or metal. It also has higher energy absorption power than other metals. Thus, the car undergoes less damage in case of collision. For cars that need higher performance, these car parts are a lifesaver.

3. Durability 

If you are someone who loves to go for long drives or road trips or your work makes you travel a lot, then investing in a car with carbon fibre car parts will help you through your journey. Carbon fibre car parts are durable, and hence they can withstand a constant beating. 

4. Convenient Repair Cost

The durability of these car parts saves you a lot of time and money on repair work. These parts do not wear off easily. You will see a lot less of your car mechanic once you decide to install carbon fibre car body parts.

5. Thermal Friendly 

Cars tend to produce a lot of heat. Carbon fibres are poor conductors of heat. Hence, you can use them constantly without worrying about the car parts getting heated. They also have a low thermal expansion, which will ensure that these parts do not expand or weaken when they are exposed to too much heat.

6. Attractive Looks 

Carbon fibre hoods and other car parts look attractive and high-end. They give transform your boring old car into a quirky and classy object that people can’t stop staring at. You can paint them as you like or add graphic designs. Be the show stopper of the highway with carbon fibre car body parts. 

Bottom Line

Carbon fibre is a crucial element in manufacturing several car components. It provides increased durability and strength to your vehicle. The material offers elegance to your car’s appearance. Carbon fibre car parts will continue to be cheaper and cheaper with their increasing use, making it affordable for everyday folks to purchase such high-performance and classic cars. Once you are done with the upgradation of your car, be ready and drive with style and safety.

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All You Must Know About Carbon Fibre Car Parts