All About Polaris RZR Side By Side Vehicles Of 2021

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RZR Side By Side

Polaris RZR side-by side vehicles are one of the robust vehicles from Polaris Industries. Its first 2008 model came into being in 2007. At that time, its official name was Ranger RZR. Also, its marketing was done as a subset of the heavy-duty, task-oriented ranger. Later with the popularity of the RZR, Polaris changed its Ranger image and transfigured it as a self suffice model. It has an essential use in the army as well. RZR, side by side, has separate and military models. To know more about the vehicle and its best models, read this post until the end. 

What Is a Side-By-Side Vehicle?

The side by side is a small-sized off-road vehicle. This four-wheel drive can accommodate from one to six people at a time. It is also known with some other names such as utility task vehicle or recreational off-highway vehicle. These vehicles have powertrains same as that of all-terrain vehicles. You can utilize it for its rugged-terrain ability. However, you may not call it an all-terrain vehicle as the term is restricted to four-wheelers. In it, people can sit side-by-side; therefore, it is known as a side-by-side vehicle. The RZR side by side vehicle is excellent for transporting persons and cargo. 

RZR side by side vehicle


Military Use Of Polaris RZR Side By Side

US Special Operation Command placed an order for up to 1,500 MRZR-2 (2-seater) and MRZR-4 (4-seater) machines in September 2013. However, it retained its original gasoline engine that was not compatible with standard military JP-8 fuel. It was the main demerit of this vehicle when it came to its military use. A few of these machines are used for combat use. On the other hand, civilian users are not interested in running them on diesel due to the high cost. Two different types of fuel used in RZR side by side are undesirable. 

Popular Polaris RZR Models With Their Features

1: RZR Trail 570

The main features of RZR Trail 570 are stated in the below-given list: 


For 50″ trails, the ProStar 570 engine was designed to provide maximum horsepower, torque, and acceleration. It is one of the finest editions for an all-day range. Its smart design allows an extra capacity and a swift corner-to-corner acceleration. Besides, it also ensures the utmost fuel efficacy. 

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Own the trails with 9″ of actual suspension travel. It is skillfully designed to travel through uneven terrains, such as stumps, rocks, and forests, with its 11″ of ground clearance. It allows the vehicle to get through the obstacles with the utmost ease. Besides, its 50″ trail-width chassis is also helpful in making the hard roads smooth for it. 


The 50″ Chassis has an intuitive design and smart suspension shape. Besides, it can offer instant power delivery to the wheels when they need it. As a result of these amazing features, it gives amazing performance and control. 

2: Polaris Ranger RZR S 800

A side-by-side (seating) ATV, the Polaris Ranger RZR S 800 is a Polaris Ranger RZR S 800. With its big purposeful stance, wide wheels pushing out at all four corners, massive tyre clearance, and minimal sharp bodywork, the vehicle looks serious. The ATV has a limited number of body panels. It prevents the parts from falling off when you’re zipping through the wilderness or conquering crazy terrain.


Polaris Ranger RZR S 800 has an eye-capturing design. A minimalist fascia with two tiny but powerful lamps, as well as turn indicators, greets you at the front. When you look to the side, you may experience the lack of overhang, the huge tyre clearance, and the roll-cage-protected passenger shell. When you move back, and things remain simple. Moreover, the brake lights are small and powerful; you get a glimpse of the suspension and engine components if you look closely. 

Performance And Handling

The 760cc, 2-cylinder petrol engine provided to the ATVs low weight (464 Kg) gives a massive turn of speed. It can go up to 0-56 KMPH in 4 seconds. There is an ample amount of low-end torque to get you out of tricky situations. And then there’s the sound; when idle, it’s a low grumble. However, the exhaust note when you mash the accelerator is just lovely. 

The CVT or PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) has several settings, such as Park/Reverse/Neutral/Low/High. All these settings are controlled by a gear stick. The transmission works hard to not let all that power and torque go to waste; while the ‘High’ gear setting can accomplish everyday driving, off-roading requires you to use the ‘Low’ gear setting to utilize the engine’s torque and power to the maximum.

3: Polaris RZR XP 900 

Polaris RZR XP 900 has the robust power of the Polaris ProStar 900 engine. It can produce an incredible pulsating power of 88 HP. It boasts DOHC and has four enormous valves for high RPM power. For balanced output, the crankshaft is rotated 180 degrees. Also, crisp throttle response, nerve-wracking acceleration, and tremendous energy are all claimed for the engine. Additionally, the RZR XP 900 has a lightweight and revolutionary architecture. 

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The Polaris RZR XP 900’s final drive is a helical cut with optimized gear geometry for increased performance. Besides, it utilizes the smartly optimized mass design to establish the least possible center of gravity. 

4: RZR Pro XP

It has the industry-leading 800-watt Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 HO audio system sound, bass, and style. It’s been redesigned to look as good as it does, with Blue Hue speaker lighting, custom stainless-steel grills, and custom exterior graphics.


Below is the list of the main features of RZR side by side Pro XP:


It is best known for its unbeatable performance. You’ll have pro-level control with instant strength, up to 22″ of available suspension travel, and DYNAMIX shock adjustment on the fly.


With its distinct style, industry-leading technology, and driver-first mentality, the RZR PRO XP stands out. You communicate with the computer and the terrain with assured control and trust by using PRO XP.


When it comes to strength, RZR Pro XP engines will not disappoint you. This edition is equipped with one of the most powerful engines. The components, such as axles, chassis, and clutching, are made up of using rock-strong materials. 

5: RZR XP Turbo S

RXR XP Turbo S is one of the most efficient models of RZR side by side. Below is the list of the primary features of the vehicle:


To get the adrenaline flowing, it begins with instant power and speed of 168 HP. As you hit big whoops and extreme terrain, the 25″ of pure suspension travel will make the most of every inch, allowing you to power through with unparalleled comfort and trust. After that, there is an addition of the smart shock to control the DYNAMIX suspension to ensure the swift adaptability.


The RZR Turbo S’s style is appealing on its own, but it was designed with a specific purpose in mind. The cockpit was built with the best line of sight, driving ergonomics, and comfort in mind. A traditional 4-point harness, flat-bottom steering wheel, and a degree of intuitive control that makes you feel at one with the machine are all part of the race-inspired design.


Off-road capability meets race-proven toughness. The frame, suspension, and drivetrain are stronger, smoother, and more durable to withstand the volatile nature of the off-road world while supporting the vehicle’s extreme capabilities.


The improved features of the 2021 models allow you to trace extra miles. The redefined clutch alignment makes it more efficient. Besides, the improved edition has better durability offering great value for your money. 

Final Words

This post elaborates on the features and specifications of the top models of Polaris RZR side by side. If you have a special interest in cutting-edge vehicles, then this post will sure enthrall you. For more similar posts, pay a visit to our blog section. 


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