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aliens on earth

We all have often come across the concept of aliens on earth at some point in time. However, most of us are still unaware of what they are in real sense. For you to know more, aliens can vary in look, form or imagination. For example, an alien can be one of those microscopic organisms found beyond earth to a green-looking, weird man from a sci-fi area. You may read about all of that in detail in the books of live sciences.

Scientists are trying to solve all the old and discoveries that will direct them towards what we know as the extraterrestrial life. By the term “extraterrestrial”, we mean life beyond earth or life on other planets. In this article, we will try to find proof that there may be aliens on earth for real.

Do aliens on earth exist for real?

There has been a huge development in science and astronomical studies over the years. Scientists are well-equipped and have a clearer vision of everything. As a result, the journey of discovering extraterrestrial species have now become more precise due to the use of next-gen telescopes.

The biggest question in the scientific world on today’s date is if aliens on earth exist. The debate and controversy are on for more than a century now. There is a group of people who believe that the size of the earth is not big enough to trigger the creation of another world inside it all together.

On the other hand, there is another group that believes the complexities of creation that we find on earth is worth any unique creation. However, the catch in the whole story is not what people have known for so long. It is how the world has developed to become capable of providing answers to a lot of questions.

The advanced telescopes have now made it possible for all of us to take a glimpse of how life on other planets may probably sustain. Again, scientists are also studying life on earth and how it may look from far off, say the space or other planets in the solar system.

As a result, scientists are coming up with correct facts that could prove the signs of aliens on earth or a flourishing civilization of extraterrestrial bodies. It is not far that answers will be served to us about all that we want to know about mysterious existence on Earth.

Why are we still confused about the existence of aliens on earth?

It was during the summer of 1950, the famous physicist, Enrico Fermi raised a funny and confusing question. While everyone was having lunch, he asked his colleagues where everyone was? By the “everyone” in his question, he meant aliens.

He is said to have stated that intelligent life developed on earth over 4.5 Billion years. According to him, it was the lack of advanced technology that scientists were still unable to discover the existence of aliens on earth.

The conundrum later came to be known as the Fermi Paradox. Since then, several scientists have come up with a variety of answers justifying the reasons. Some scientists say that aliens are mostly in hibernation or extraterrestrial beings are hiding from the rest of us on Earth.

The rest of scientists believe that aliens on earth are super-intelligent species and they destroy themselves before any other species can come into contact with them.

Answers to justify lack of communication with aliens on earth

Starting from 1950, when Fermi had come up with the life-changing question, several telescopes and spaceships have been put to work. Scientists are still at work and are trying to find out the existence of life on other planets that could resemble living beings on earth.  However, there is a huge question mark on the fact if the studies are still pointing in the correct direction. It is because we do not want so many years of research and hard work by the experts to go in vain.

The good part is, however, that to date, scientists have received several signals that they are working in the correct direction and so, the chances of going wrong are almost negligible. Or It is just a matter of time that communications with the aliens on earth will be possible for real.

The scientists working under the ultimate astronomical body, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are using radio telescopes. These are advanced devices that can derive substantial data from the terrestrial bodies.

The experts working in the project feel that they might get signals from unusual patterns in the universe. As a result, they might further be able to trace the existence of aliens on earth too. SETI has set up an extensive chain of advanced monitoring devices. It is because they believe that aliens and other similar species are trying to contact us. However, the monitoring devices have not come up with any positive trace until today. Also, there is a group of scientists and experts who feel that communicating with aliens is not going to be fruitful shortly.

According to them, the species of human beings is the only trace of intelligence on Earth. Therefore, no other intelligent species can communicate with us.

Proofs that aliens on earth exist for real

Do you think aliens on earth are real? No one knows the truth, but we all want to believe that they exist. The outer space or the Universe that we know in simple words is vast and extensive. There is hardly anyone living on Earth who knows everything about it. So, no one can outright deny the fact that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life or aliens existing in the Universe. Every day newer species are being discovered from the most unexpected parts of the Earth such as depths of the ocean or the deepest of jungles. Therefore, we cannot rule out the discovery of aliens from any such parts of the earth. The following is a list of few justifications that will act as proof for the existence of aliens on earth.

1. There is a clear probability of alien life with the number of stars

Sesh Shostak, an expert astronomist working under SETI stated that no trace of life has been found beyond Earth. However, there are millions of stars in the universe and research says that half of these stars are planets.

 According to Shostak, more than a Trillion planets exist in the entire Milky Way. As a result, there are chances that a few of these planets have probably undergone alterations similar to earth.

Therefore, we can also assume that there is life on these planets at present. So, you can easily call such living beings as “extraterrestrial”. However, the whole concept of Shostak is completely based on a probability.

2. There is plenty of water in the Solar System

We all know that water is vital for life on earth and it cannot happen in any other way. What you may not know is that water, in its liquid form is present in the Solar System in plenty. You might have heard about the research conducted on Mars about the presence of water on its surface.

Further, there is a satellite around Jupiter known as Europa. According to research, scientists have also found the existence of an ocean on it. The Ganymede and Castillo are other satellites that also belong to Jupiter and show signs of oceans on them. Coming to Saturn, its satellites Enceladus and Titan contain a lot of liquid too.

Last but not least, even Venus consists of parts of water in liquid form. So, you can already guess that the rest of the planets are not exceptions and contain bits and parts of water too. Therefore, if the water is the most essential element for life, why can’t it sustain extraterrestrial species too?

3. It did not take much time for life to evolve on Earth

The planet Earth is arguably 4.5 Billion years old. Now, the traces of life on earth dates back to around 4 Billion years. the existence of life was first traced on Earth was in Australia. Around 3.4 Billion years back that some kind of bacteria was found in Australia.

 It was then that scientists came out with the statement that there must have been living on earth. It is because bacteria is a complex species and it cannot multiply without human existence. Therefore, it is evident that life existed much before.  So, scientists and physicists such as Soshtak could back their research by saying that extraterrestrial life can be born on Earth within a short time.

4. Living beings are capable of sustaining in extreme situations

Life is found in every part of Earth starting from the deep oceans to the hottest place ever. Life is even possible in the extreme Atacama Desert or the Iceland of Antarctica. So, you can understand that life is possible in any extreme condition.

Moreover, the universe is filled with several tough places and conditions. If we can sustain in such extremity, there are high chances that aliens on earth can also survive a tough life. For example, the planet Mars is reportedly extreme in terms of climatic conditions. However, microbes, similar to the Earth’s surface has been found there too. Now, you can point out the similarity between the conditions on earth and other parts of the Universe.

5. Aliens may be trying to communicate

The expert scientists working on the SETI project keep experimenting with a variety of radio signals with the help of advanced telescopes. They do such activities to obtain substantial signals from any kind of extraterrestrial bodies.

There are several instances in which the SETI scientists have come across signals. However, all of these have been overruled as they were all caused due to artificial interferences of other satellites and similar noises. Therefore, scientists are still hopeful of the first instance of real communication from extraterrestrial species.

6. There are mysterious proofs of aliens on earth

50% of people in the United States of America believe that aliens on earth not only exist but have also visited them. To justify these claims, people have come up with clippings and videos of debris and flying saucers from landings of spaceships. However, most of the evidence is not substantial according to SETI experts. Also, the scientists of the world researching the existence of aliens on earth do not buy a negative story about Governments.

Yes, we are talking about the same story that talks about Governments from all over the world agreeing to keep their mouths shut about the existence of aliens. Even, the replica aliens that you may get to see in several museums around the world are not proof enough to convince SETI scientists and physicists.

7. Several incidents that indicate aliens are not impossible

Scientists went through several researches to prove aliens tried to talk to the earth, but they were incorrect. The following are a few more popular incidents.

  • In 2004, SETI reportedly received strange signals from a particular region in space. It happened through an advanced telescope that was placed in Puerto Rico. Also, experts were continuously trying to figure out any kind of unusual activity or signal from space during the entire period.
  • Jupiter’s satellite Europa showed traces of Sulphur in 2003. Experts claimed that there was also the presence of microbes surviving on the surface of Jupiter along with aliens.
  • In 2002, researches found chemical gases and the existence of microbes on the surface of Venus too.
  • A group of Russian scientists, back in 2002 claimed that they could justify the evolvement of a particular kind of microbe on Mars. These microbes were assumed to be resistant to radioactive waves.

Final thoughts

Till today, there have been no clear determination of having aliens on earth. However, development in Science and expert scientists will come up with clear explanations soon for sure.

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