Get Down to Get Wet: A Beginner’s Guide to Piss Play

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piss play

Are you curious about piss play? Do you want to try the golden shower experience to see if you’re down with it? Do you want to know how you can indulge your partner’s pee fetish?

The first time you heard about the kink is likely when the rumors about Donald Trump and water sports came up back in 2017. As it often does with Trump, the topic became controversial. For many people, it awoke within them a curiosity on the fetish.

In this guide, we’ll focus on piss play for beginners. We’ll address sanitation and safety concerns and more. Read on to learn more about piss play.

1. What Is Piss Play? 

Piss play is a sexual activity that involves a participant urinating on someone. Some people refer to piss play as water sports or having golden showers. Others like to use the terms urophilia or urolagnia.

The word watersports is a general term referring to urine-based sexual activities. Urophilia and urolagnia are also umbrella terms for the sexual pleasure taken from the sight or thought of urine/urination.

2. Why Do Some People Like Water Sports?

If you’re worried about a partner who likes this sort of thing, don’t be. Try to understand what he/she likes about it. Keep an open mind and avoid kink-shaming.

There are many reasons for a person to like piss play. Also, note that watersports may overlap with other kinks, giving it a wide range of play. Your preference may lean towards BDSM, for example.

We learn from early childhood that any business done in the bathroom is private. Cultural norms also view urine as unclean. Yet, these ideas are also what make urine-based sexual activities taboo and exciting.

Those with voyeuristic kinks get aroused by watching others urinate. For people who get aroused in a power play, receiving or giving a golden shower is the ultimate act of submission or domination. Piss play can also be a sensory-focused experience.

Others like showering under the unclean, warm, or salty wetness of urine. Some like the feeling of relieving themselves either with or without clothing. Others love it for the humiliation of wetting themselves.

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How Many People Are Into Piss Play?

Because of its taboo nature, those with a pee kink aren’t keen on getting that side of them exposed. However, like BDSM, the pee kink is a common one. You can even find online forums and dating apps that let people find others with the same fetish.

Fetish sites and dating apps have sections dedicated to those who like piss play. That includes,, and KinkD. You can go to kinky social media websites like FetLife to find others who are into golden showers, too.

3. How Safe Are Golden Showers?

Like other fetishes, it takes some care to perform safe yet fun piss play. Your foremost concern as a newbie to the fetish is hygiene. After all, pee is a waste product of the body.

Piss play pros will tell you that urine is sterile. At the point it leaves the body, it most likely is. However, it’s important to consider the health of the person who’s receiving the golden shower.

You don’t want to play with pee when you have an open wound or breaks in your skin. This can cause infection, especially if the urinating partner has a bacterial infection. Avoid pee coming into contact with your mouth or face if you’re unsure of the health of the golden shower-giver.

4. Piss Play: The Correct Way

As with all other kinks, there is a correct and safe way of having piss play.

Discuss Piss Play and Get Your Partner’s Consent

Always remember that piss play is not for everyone. You can expect that a good number of people don’t find the kink safe, sanitary, or sexual. You don’t want to be the person who gives an unpleasant surprise to a partner who isn’t comfortable with the idea of it.

If you want to try piss play, discuss the activity with your partner first. Some people can take a little convincing and while some are willing to give it a try after having had time to consider your pee fetish. For others, it may be difficult to find a partner who’ll be amenable to the idea.

Treat piss play like BDSM in a way that you have a safeword prepared. This is the word you or your partner may use during sex when you’re serious about stopping. This is so you don’t get any confusion with the faux reluctance in roleplay.

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The common safewords use the “traffic lights” code. Saying “red” means stop, “yellow” means “let’s take a break” or “slow down”, and “green” is code for “go for it”.

Avoid Making a Mess 

Anything that involves any form of liquid or liquid-like substances can get messy. As you can expect, piss play will get messy. If you don’t want to do too much cleanup, the best place to do it is in a bathroom or shower area.

This way, you can also rinse the pee off if you decide you don’t like it after all. If you live in a deserted area, you can do it in the backyard. Prepare a tarp or plastic sheet to lie on when you’re ready for intercourse.

Drink a Lot of Water

The person who’s doing the peeing needs to drink lots of water, at least an hour before the play. The person receiving the pee needs to drink lots of water, too. Although, they don’t need to have as much as the giver of the golden showers.

Piss Alternative

Some people are yet to get comfortable with the idea of using actual pee. If this is the case, you can instead convince your partner to use a Whizzinator. They offer synthetic human urine as well as real human urine.

You can also use a Whizzinator for solo piss play if you lack a willing partner. It comes with an insulation pouch so you still get a realistic experience. Check here to learn where to buy a Whizzinator.

Clean Up

When you’re done, don’t forget to clean up after yourself. As we mentioned, cleanup is easier if you did piss play in the shower. If you did it in other places, make sure you scrub the floors and/or wash the sheets to avoid stinky rooms.

Get Wet, Go Crazy

That’s our short beginner’s guide on piss play. We hope you found some enlightenment and picked up something valuable from this post.

But there are more amazing techniques and fetishes to discover!

Why stop here when your fetish might be around the corner? If you want to see more articles on kinks, check out our other guides today!

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