98 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

2 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular choices of tattoos in the world. They are a sexy and feminine form of tattoo that look beautiful on your arm, shoulder, back, belly, ankle, leg, foot or butt.

Butterfly tattoos are graceful and elegant. Not only do they beautify your body, but they can also have underlying symbolisms. Many associate butterflies with having lost someone deer to us, or having endured life struggles and survived. Some believe butterflies are a symbol of resurrection and many see the butterfly as a symbol for endurance, hope, change and life.

Butterfly tattoos can be done in various styles, shapes and sizes. Watercolor and blackwork butterfly tattoos are very popular. Dotwork, fine line, linework and negative effects give your tattoo a wow factor. Have a look at the different designs of beautiful butterfly tattoos and remember to follow your favorite artist on Instagram. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This gorgeous butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Blackwork butterfly tattoo by trudy_lines_tattoo.

2. This captivating watercolor tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Watercolor circle tattoo by evakrbdk.

3. This geometric butterfly and Moon tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Blackwork fine line butterfly tattoo by _dr_woo_.

4. These sublime butterfly tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos

Pink fine line butterfly tattoo by tattooist_flower.

5. This exquisite blackwork butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Blackwork butterfly tattoo by kadutattoo.

6. This amazing butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Geometric colorful buterfly tattoo by kadutattoo.

7. This elegant butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Blackwork small back butterfly tattoo by miltonreistatuador.

8. This heart-shaped butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Heart shaped blackwork fine line butterfly tattoo by miltonreistatuador.

9. This watercolor sketch style tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Sketch style watercolor butterfly tattoo by lucatestadiferro.

10. This neat belly butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Belly/Sternum blackwork butterfly tattoo by pari_corbitt.